nCino Commercial LOS RapidRollout: Accelerate Your Implementation

When it comes to implementing the nCino Commercial Loan Origination System (LOS), everyone wants Gold Standards, but they don’t come out of the box. That’s where Zennify comes in. We now offer a solution to reduce implementation time by 6 weeks through the use of pre-built assets.

Our nCino experts have taken the best from the nCino Gold Standards, paired with our proven best practices, to jumpstart implementation. The nCino Commercial LOS RapidRollout automatically deploys baseline functionality to your nCino instance. Our 20+ pre-built assets provide faster time-to-value with reduced risk.

With the right implementation partner, you get the desired results efficiently:

  • Faster Time to Go Live: Reduce implementation time by up to 6 weeks with our collection of assets 
  • Best Practices: Combined expertise from nCino & Zennify provides the optimal baseline for future scalability
  • Lower Project Cost: With more efficiency you save money that can be used towards additional enhancements
  • Focus on High-Value Features: With the baseline done, we can focus on advanced, value-add features for higher ROI

Zennify can help reduce nCino Commercial Loan Origination System (LOS) implementation time by 6 weeks.

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