Innovation & Acceleration



Zennovation runs deep around here. Zennlab brings our employees’ inventive solutions to everyone as packaged Apps and Accelerators. Use our custom, pre-built solutions to automate manual processes and solve complex problems to save time and get faster outcomes. 

Save Hundred of Hours

Sync data on demand upon loading a Salesforce record. Have your externally-sourced data update to Salesforce before your eyes without a page refresh. Or, view externally-sourced data related to a Salesforce record that you don’t have to store. Our API Integration Utility includes declarative mapping, built-in error logging, and uses Named Credentials to support standard authentication mechanisms—all without impacting daily API usage limits! Plus, our tool works really well with MuleSoft.

API Integration Utility

Integrate Salesforce with any API without writing code. Our API Integration Utility is a native Salesforce managed package that provides a declarative mechanism using standard features for integrating with any REST API and provides Lightning components.

Get Better UX

Leverage native Field Sets to display groups of fields anywhere on your Lightning pages! This component allows configuration of the number of columns displayed and additional configuration features around the look and feel for title, icon, and read-only mode. The form respects object and field level security as well as language translations.

Lightning Field Sets

Gain more from the field real estate on your record pages with this 100% native solution by adding the ability to configure more columns, icons, titles, and field sections than a standard Saleforce Lightning Page & Page Layout.

Simplify Record Assignment

Record Assigner solves the need to route any type of record via round robin (and more). Give managers access to the included Record Assigner permission set which allows them to configure users in assignment groups and set their routing limits. This accelerator supports bulk import assignments and its simple setup and configuration via Process Builder includes invocable Apex action. Plus, its lightweight app footprint means that it’s small and fast but still packs a punch.

Record Assigner

Route any object (standard or custom) via round-robin mechanisms and more. This configurable record assignment utility offers easy setup, custom objects and invocable Apex action.


As a longtime MuleSoft consulting partner and one that speaks API, we’ve packaged our past integration solutions for repeatable use. 

Accelerate Essential Integrations

Our templates make use of various integration patterns to provide the right combination of performance, storage, and balancing of API usage limits.Salesforce API Integration Utility

  • Salesforce FSC Experience API
  • Salesforce FSC System API 
Financial Services Cloud

Our collection of Salesforce FSC specific System and Experience API templates enable quick rollout of bi-directional data synchronization in real time or in batch. 

Unlock Core Data

Our MuleSoft templates unlock and secure bank core connectivity to Salesforce in record time.

  • Canonical Data Model
  • Banking
  • Credit Unions
Banking & Credit Unions

Our VIP partnership with Jack Henry and successful deployments for Banks and Credit Unions have given us deep experience in integrating banking cores to Salesforce Financial Services Cloud and other systems.