Contextual solutions that are enabling industry transformation

We are focusing on a select group of core industries to build and deploy breakthrough capabilities. Each industry has its own unique challenges and opportunities that require deep industry knowledge and contextual background to enable success. Zennify has developed the optimal combination of people, process, and technology to drive contextual consulting engagements that will drive real business results.

Financial Services

Leveraging the innovation, performance, and security of the world’s leading CRM solution, we are utilizing Salesforce’s cloud computing capabilities to enable financial services transformation. Contact us to learn more about how these capabilities are driving improvements in: wealth management, loan origination and servicing, customer portals and digital engagement, customer service, back end operations productivity, and more…  

Health and Life Science

Zennify has roots in global health innovation where we have leveraged the Salesforce platform to enable life-saving solutions in the developing world. With deep industry expertise and industry leading Salesforce implementation experience, we incorporate a unique combination of business process and system integration to help clients drive rapid results and a scalable blueprint for ongoing innovation and success.

Food Services

Food manufacturing companies are constantly trying to keep up with their customers’ demands. Zennify can help companies capture data in real time so they know who needs more product, how much to produce, the current market value and overall trends in the marketplace. This allows companies to stay nimble and make smarter operating decisions.


Government clients are turning to technology to improve citizen engagement, improve information sharing and case management, and increase organizational efficiency. Zennify has worked with small municipalities and large federal clients to drive breakthrough transformation. Contact us today to learn more about Salesforce based government solutions.


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