Social Impact

Working together to build a better safer cleaner world.

We believe in the power of doing good. It’s why we started Zennify in the first place. Zenn for Good is our employee initiative to give back to our communities, both personally and professionally. With our Pledge 1% membership and our paid volunteer time off policy, we stay committed to giving back.

Zenn for Good forges partnerships with local nonprofits to provide a range of services—from pro bono Salesforce implementations to in-person volunteering. We’re forming long-lasting relationships with the vital organizations that make our world a better, safer, more beautiful place. When you work with us, you can feel good knowing you’re also giving back to the community.


ZennEarth is an internal program and pledge to live and work sustainably. Our passionate employees lead our environmental initiatives, and they inspire all of our earth-friendly practices.

At Zennify, we know that how we run our business impacts our environment. From in-office recycling and waste reduction to ride-sharing and community clean-ups, we’re committed to doing our part.


We’re working to close the STEM representation gap.

Through partnerships with Grow with Google, Code Black Indy, Merit America, and Salesforce Talent Alliance, we’re helping create more job opportunities in technology for underserved communities. We believe in the power and necessity of digital upskilling and accessible education, and strive to open up new career paths for historically excluded groups at Zennify and in the larger Salesforce ecosystem.

Your partner in good.

Imagine a world where every business donated time, money, and resources to help solve our social, economic, and environmental challenges. Where giving back was woven into their cultural fabric, and community volunteering and pro bono work were de rigueur.

At Zennify, we’ve pledged to do just that. We invest in and support our communities by donating 1% (or more) of our time, money, and resources every year to nonprofits who are working to make the world a better, more equal place. We believe in Pledge 1%’s mission and three-pronged approach to giving back because we’ve seen that sharing our time and expertise has just as big an impact—if not bigger—than donating money alone. This pledge is more than a feel-good commitment. It’s our way of connecting with and serving others by sharing our knowledge and doing what we do best—using technology for good.

Proud to be a consulting partner. (different from powers the purpose of people dedicated to solving our world’s biggest problems. A global community of nonprofits and educational institutions rely on this technology to help their organizations operate effectively, raise funds, and build more meaningful relationships with those they serve. As a certified Partner, we pledge to give 1% of our product, time, and resources to those in need. We now join a large community of Partners with that same commitment. Partners have worked with over 4,700 non-profits and we are proud to join.