We’d like you to meet our whole team, but let’s start with our inspirational leaders.

Chief Executive Officer

Chris is a seasoned technology services executive with more than 15 years in the Salesforce ecosystem. He believes that with strong teams and customers willing to embrace change, anything is possible.

Chris Conant

I love disruptive technology and helping companies find innovative ways to create addictive customer experiences. I’m grateful for the relationships I have developed over the years and continue to be inspired by quietly brilliant people. Having raised a family in Chicago, I’m passionate about increasing support for Public Education at all levels. In my spare time you will find me hacking it up on the golf course, hanging out with family & friends or taking an afternoon nap with the dogs.

Founder & Chief Innovation Officer

With 20+ years of experience in technology, consulting, and finance, Manvir has been leading Zennify since Day 1. He was named a 2021 Most Admired Executive by the Sacramento Business Journal.

Manvir Sandhu

I landed my dream job when we started Zennify. I lead a remarkable group of people with a uniquely special culture that seizes opportunities for innovation and delivers amazing results for every kind of business. I enjoy staying active in business and technology groups as part of the Salesforce Partner Advisory Board, the Greater Sacramento Economic Council, and the Sacramento Salesforce User Group. Spending time with my wife and three kids and following football keep me inspired!

Chief Delivery Officer

Matt has worked with services companies for more than 20 years. Familiar with high-growth environments, he was instrumental in scaling Sumtotal Systems, Appirio and 7Summits. He’s an expert in growing talent organizations while implementing operational models for scale.

Matt Henwood

I’m a people-centric, delivery person to the core. I truly enjoy growing high-performing teams and providing them support that leads to their success. Outside of work, I am an avid runner and fitness enthusiast, which has helped me (try) to keep up with my 4 boys. My wife and I are Rochester natives, both with large families that primarily reside in upstate NY. I enjoy my Harley in the summer months, try to find time to go fishing, and love a good book.

Chief Financial Officer

Christina is an experienced Chief Financial Officer with decades of experience. She is instrumental in formulating strategies that increase profitability and maximizing stakeholder values.

Christina Bailey

I am a proven global Chief Financial Officer with extensive experience in strategic planning & operations leadership, working in diverse industries, business transformation, and maximizing stakeholder value. I am extremely passionate about implementing finance and operations initiatives that improve processes, reduce expenses and drive bottom-line profitability.

Chief Operations Officer

As a Six Sigma Blackbelt and certified Salesforce consultant with over 20 years of leadership experience, Tami oversees Zennify’s internal operations and manages numerous company programs.

Tami Miller

I relate so well to this role with my hands-on operations, consulting and leadership background. Using my 14 years of network contact center management and 17 years of Salesforce experience, I love enabling our teams to deliver the best possible results for our clients, in a workplace they love and feel valued. It’s no secret that I’m a major dog lover, which drove me to hire our first CPO (Chief Puppy Officer). I stay inspired by spending time with my family of humans and pets and our amazing employees.

Founder & Director of IT

Problem solving runs in Jesse’s blood. As Zennify’s Swiss Army Knife, Jesse manages internal IT infrastructure, operations, employee programs and more.

Jesse Barker

I love solving problems. And I love getting to know people. Doing both daily at Zennify is a dream. I’ve helped countless companies work through their toughest challenges by developing solutions that streamline their operations, improve their bottom lines, and empower their people. I stay inspired by building the Zennify team, teaching the next wave of problem solvers, and spending time with my wife of 16 years and 4 children.

Vice President of Technology

Philip brings 20+ years of technology leadership to Zennify. He keeps our tech and business initiatives aligned by applying his deep knowledge of business strategy, enterprise architecture, data, cloud, and analytics.

Philip Paz

I’m a technologist at heart. I geek out over the latest technology trends and share my love for digital innovation with my team to foster talent, diversify their skills, and provide opportunities for growth. I feel lucky to be part of such a dynamic and rewarding team. I keep my eyes on the future, but the support and love of my wife and daughter keep me grounded. In my free time, you’ll find me in my loft, guitar in hand, living out my rockstar dreams.

Vice President of Marketing

Saleema has spent her career growing professional services firms. She brings her unique mix of creativity, strategy, and execution to create a strong go-to-market for Zennify.

Saleema Fazal

Creative problem solving is foundational to all parts of my life. When I got my master’s degree in design, I realized that unencumbered thinking, paired with tough challenges, yielded epic results. I love the art of the possible—when it comes with the execution to deliver. Outside of Zennify, I spend my time seeing as much live music as possible, enjoying nature, riding my bike, advocating for the em dash, and consuming all the tasty things with my 9-year-old co-pilot son.

Vice President of People Operations

Janet loves the PEOPLE aspect of working in People Ops. She brings 25+ years of experience supporting individuals, managers, and executives in attaining their career and business objectives.

Janet Larsen

From the beginning, Zennify has placed a great deal of emphasis on people. And it’s safe to say that supporting this talented team, building programs that engage people in their growth, and fostering development are what get me out of bed in the morning. Leveraging this passion to help scale our organization without losing sight of our culture and values has been a delight. I appreciate a good glass of wine and sometimes even a bad one.

Vice President of Account Management & Revenue Ops

Eleanor brings 2+ decades of consulting and Customer Success leadership. Her team gets transformational roadmaps in place for Zennify’s customers and helps drive the realization of value from their technology investments.

Eleanor Heins

In my early years, I fell in love with the wild west opportunities offered by technology to drive business growth. Decades later, it still delivers the thrill; our industry’s passion for innovation is why I’m at Zennify. Next to strong strategy, I firmly believe the quality of our communications and relationships are at the root of success in all endeavors. To stay inspired I love cooking challenges, far-flung travel, and working on my property.