Finding the right cloud to solve complex organizational challenges

Zennify believes technology should actually help companies and people. With our Salesforce centric lineup of services we help clients scale by getting more out of their tools, processes, people and data. No matter what the challenge, we are passionate about helping businesses find their zen. We have successfully led more than 400 implementations and completed almost 4000 projects.

Business & IT Consulting

Authenticity may be the most neglected component found in consulting engagements today. Zennify’s team is comprised of dedicated consultants whose experience spans an array of industries, applications and best practices. That said, we don’t believe clients hire us to be told how great we are and how much more we know about their business than they do.

Zennify is almost always hired to build technology solutions, yet we are best known for our authentic consulting. Our clients will never be a template or a number. Every client is different and deserves care, commitment and attention. We aren’t power suits and PowerPoints. We are authentic, good listeners who really care.

Sales Cloud

Zennify can help businesses close the deal, leverage data for business insights and increase sales with Salesforce sales cloud solutions, consulting, implementation and integration services.

Service Cloud

Quality service can turn a one-time buyer into a loyal customer. Zennify helps businesses streamline their entire customer experience so companies can deliver personalized case management, resolve issues faster, and give customers the tools to drive their own guided user-experience.

Marketing Cloud

The last thing the world needs is more spam. The good news is the tools exist to rise above ineffective communication and move into true customer engagement. It’s time for more intelligent marketing, marketing that responds to users interaction, as well as known and perceived data. By leveraging Salesforce’s marketing cloud suite of products as well as pardot, companies of all sizes can find success delivering data driven, intelligent, and dynamic marketing campaigns that engage customers.

Community Cloud

Salesforce communities is all about delivering rich, interactive experiences and tools for our clients’ stakeholders. It could be an employee portal, a partner command center, or even a hub for life saving global health data. The team at Zennify are Salesforce communities experts dating back to its pre-release. Our success with the communities platform is drawn from our extensive Salesforce knowledge combined with a dedicated ui/ux team that delivers unique and engaging solutions.

Business Intelligence

We measure our success based on the success of our clients. At Zennify, we’re goal-oriented and metrics driven. We have extensive experience in mastering disparate data and delivering actionable direction. Leveraging tools like Wave Analytics, Einstein AI, Salesforce Reporting and Dashboards as well as an extensive suite of 3rd party apps from the Appexchange we can tame our clients’ data and make it work for them.

System Integration

We get businesses’ systems to align. We are experts at data migration and integrating third-party applications within our client’s current systems.

Managed Services

Zennify provides expert managed services to meet the various needs of our clients. Working as an extension of our clients’ team, Zennify can bring admin, developer, training, consulting, marketing, and project management resources in a variety of creative service packages.

Custom Apps

Do you want to leverage Salesforce as a platform? Do you have an idea for an app for Salesforce’s extensive Appexchange? Zennify builds smart, custom applications to help bring our clients’ best ideas to life and to market.

Change Management + Training

It may not seem intuitive, but highly successful projects always start with honest conversations around change management and adoption. Great projects fail on the finish line every day because training and adoption were an afterthought. Our clients’ successful project is also ours; our team of experts will not let our clients fail on the finish line.


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