20/20 Vision: Yes We Can

I’m glad to be at a point in the year when I can finally look back at 2020. I’ve known it all along, but our team is truly one of optimists, of fighters, of allies, and of problem solvers. In this darkest of years, our Slack channels have been filled with stories and photos of babies, elopements, nature, recipes, new hobbies, old hobbies, work from home realities, and more. It continues to affirm the positivity of this group, and it humbles me daily to be leading a team that wants to share their lives with their colleagues — because they all truly care about each other

We are each a sum of our parts and no other year has made that come to life in the workplace more than 2020. With Zoom revealing honest moments and global challenges bringing previously undiscussed issues to the table — we finally began to see each other, wholly. The pandemic posed incremental challenges such as homeschooling and travel restrictions where stress levels increased, yet our people stepped up to support and help their teammates during times of need. It’s this reflection on the year that brings me the most joy. From the beginning, my goal was to lead a special group of people, to build an amazing firm with a uniquely special culture that inspires innovation.

We fulfilled our mission of innovation by being first in line to build a technology-led, scalable COVID-testing solution. We’ve helped numerous financial institutions make digital pivots needed to keep pace with new customer needs. We’ve adapted our own operations at record speed to create efficiencies. We’ve supported Salesforce and nCino in better connecting with their customers during these unique times. We openly addressed racial inequity and expanded our commitment to diversity and inclusion. We offered free mental health services to our team. We found new ways to keep our ZennEarth and ZennforGood programs thriving with virtual composting lessons, Toys for Tots giving, and a commitment to the Pledge 1% program.

Culture is a commonly thrown around word, but it is the backbone of who we are — and why Zennify has been able to get through the darkest of times — and continue to grow both in business and people. I leave the year feeling proud of our team’s resilience and of our superb execution as a trusted advisor to clients (4.9/5 CSAT rating on AppExchange!). This is why our clients keep coming back, and our business continues to grow. Thank you to each of our employees (and their families), clients, partners, and supporters for your continued trust. I hope 2021 brings happiness and prosperity.

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