Zenn for Good: A Pledge to Allegiant

Zenn for Good recently partnered with Allegiant Giving to assist them in optimizing their Salesforce ecosystem utilizing the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. Started in 2010, Allegiant Giving is a nonprofit organization determined to unite U.S. military veterans and those closing out their service with job opportunities, job training, and a smooth reintegration back into civilian life. Twenty-two veterans commit suicide daily. Allegiant Giving is holistically impacting this number. Their initiatives to foster this community and help it thrive are admirable, and Zennify is happy to lend a helping hand in reinforcing their foundation to expand and prosper.

Partnering for success

Zenn for Good’s end goal was to successfully implement the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) for Allegiant Giving and train their trainer on the form, function, and value of new assets added to their org. This was inclusive of—but not limited to—the successful implementation, training, and adoption of Lead, Activity, and Beneficiary management, reports, dashboards, and best practices. Having these assets structured in a scalable manner was also something Allegiant Giving had wanted as they foresaw large growth opportunities in their near future. 

Allegiant Giving’s overarching goal is to utilize their 5-step battle plan to get 1% of military personnel through their program and integrated back into society. Their benchmark number is 2,500 transitioning military clients. They are on track to achieve this goal and grow even further which is why they wanted the NPSP implementation to take effect as soon as possible; to provide a stable foundation for them to expand upon. 

Activity Management
We used Salesforce’s activity logging abilities to standardize communications between contact accounts and the Allegiant Giving team. Veteran success coordinators and administrators could log calls, emails, and assign tasks to different users via the Activity tab. This would allow different team members to make note of communications and also escalate a task if necessary. 

Job Opportunity Management
Salesforce allowed us to separate learning opportunities and job opportunities, set filters for them, and connect them to contacts that needed to be enrolled or employed. The enrollment/employment would also show on a contact’s related list. By creating this job creation and attachment connection, job opportunities that were not taken would return to the pool of available positions for another beneficiary to take. Furthermore, job opportunities and leads now had process paths to feed into the desired pipeline so veteran success coordinators could quickly see where a beneficiary was in the lifecycle.  

Lead Management
Lead information was organized more fluidly and intuitively. Required fields were added and Web-to-Lead was implemented with a queue. Additionally, filters were placed on beneficiary lists so they could more-efficiently be placed into appropriate jobs based on their skillset, security clearance, geographic location, and military position. 

We ensured Allegiant Giving that we wanted to give them the best foot forward in implementations. While we had to manage certain project constraints, we prioritized creating a foundation they could grow off of. After this foundation of necessities was built, we approached other stretch goals. If we ran into a service we could not implement within budget, we offered best practices and references in addition to training examples for when their team expands. 

Reports & Dashboards
Reports summarizing key areas in their beneficiary lifecycle were included in the project. 10 reports summaries were built to pull from appropriate record fields to provide easily digestible information in one spot. A dashboard for Allegiant Giving’s SkillBridge program was created as a template for future Dashboards to be built off of. 


Thanks to the implementation of activity and lead management, activities logged and tasks assigned could now be easily reviewed by the Allegiant Giving team, and more precisely, their veteran success coordinators. The lack of missing contact information also means that beneficiaries could be reached more often. By converting leads into contacts, Allegiant Giving could now have some semblance of a beneficiary lifecycle and visual pipeline.  

By connecting beneficiaries to job opportunities or education programs, unused resources could be recycled for other beneficiaries instead of falling to the wayside. Team members could see the status of a contact quickly or summarize their opportunities in a report.  

Implementing reports, visual paths, and dashboards allows Allegiant Giving to summarize their achievements and progress quickly for investors, hiring partners, and overall reporting of their impact. Additionally, they are able to internally see which team members are contributing the most to completed tasks and events to have a basic metric for organizational productivity. 

“I mean, we really appreciate this. We’ve already talked about it with our marketing team and we’re going to continue to…talk about how great you guys are…This is going to change our entire business around. So happy to have this opportunity to work with you.”

— Marcus Haney, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Growth Factory and President of Allegiant Giving Corporation

Of course, if given the opportunity, the Allegiant Giving and Zenn for Good teams that collaborated on this project would love to meet in person and explore their respective campuses. In maintaining our partnership with Allegiant Giving, we left with hopes that they won’t hesitate to contact us when their organization has expanded. We’ll have new implementations and developments waiting in the wings for them when that call comes. As this Zenn for Good team thoroughly understands the personalities and unique spirit of Allegiant Giving, we believe both parties could make another amazing project happen and—in tandem—help a lot of people. 

About Allegiant Giving

Allegiant Giving is a community committed to supporting United States military veterans in education, employment, and entrepreneurship. If you would like to get involved with Allegiant Giving, you can head over to their website and learn more about their cause, their programs, and even pursue enrollment. If you would like to donate directly to their cause, you can donate via their givingfuel page. If you would like to join an event to help them out in the immediate future, Allegiant Giving will be hosting their 5th Annual Charity Golf Tournament on September 9th at The Ridge Golf Course in Auburn, California. More information can be found on their Facebook page

About Zenn for Good

Zenn for Good is Zennify’s employee-powered initiative to give back to the community that surrounds us. In compliance with the company’s Pledge 1% membership, Zenn for Good allows current employees to provide pro bono Salesforce implementation work to nonprofit organizations to help them help others. We set out on each Zenn for Good project with the same team cohesion and tenacity as we would any enterprise project and want to leave our clients and collaborators feeling valued and appreciated for the work they accomplish. 

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