Banking Data Intelligence Solution: RelPro

Welcome to the Zennify Banking Ecosystem Series, where we share our perspective on key technologies that we see helping our clients. This week we are looking at RelPro, a best-in-class intelligence and data provider for financial services.

A lot of our banking, insurance, and wealth management clients struggle with expanding their business development efforts outside of solely personal relationships or cold marketing that is typically uninformed and gets minimal engagement. We all know there is a lot of data out there that can help narrow in on your target prospects, but it feels complicated to access and actually take action on it. We’ve asked our clients which data solutions they have looked at, and also done our own research within our Zennbank group (which is comprised of employees that are former bankers), and RelPro stood out to us and our clients as a best-in-class solution.

While personal relationships are critical, prospecting tools like Relpro can scale and increase the productivity of existing business development teams. RelPro integrates best-in-class data to address the need for a business development and relationship management solution that combines accurate company and decision-maker data with actionable insights. The data comes from 17 best-in-class sources with filters including:

  • Location
  • Revenue
  • Industry
  • Funding
  • PP/SBA Loans
  • UCC Filings
  • CRE Loans
  • DBE Certifications
  • Buyer Intent Data

We like RelPro because it’s easy to use and does not require much setup or implementation. We all know business development and relationship managers aren’t the most willing to try new technology, but RelPro is intuitive and can fit into their existing workflow. One specific use case we really like for our banking clients is using the PPP/SBA/UCC filing/CRE loan data. This enables you to see what loans prospects in your target market have, and what competitor they worked with. From there you can craft a more compelling outreach that differentiates you from the competitor, making it much more likely for you to get engagement with the prospect. Another nice feature is “Alerts,” which enable you to stay up-to-date with prospects and clients as new data is available.

Since we work mostly in the Salesforce and nCino ecosystems, it’s also nice that Relpro offers an easy to set up connector to both applications that allows users to create a lead/contact/account right within the RelPro app, and also sync enrichment data such as updated contact information. They also offer APIs and data feeds that can be incorporated into solutions such as Snowflake, enabling advanced modeling and data mining. 

We are excited for how this tool can help our clients achieve the ROI they are looking for. If you are interested in using data to grow, we can help guide you on the strategy and technology to do so.  

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