Two Amazing Stories of Digital Agility in Banks

In a world of constant change, financial institutions need to react quickly to market conditions. There’s no clearer evidence of this than the recent challenges in banking. To remain agile and meet the needs of customers, banks and credit unions must have the right digital tools. Recently, Zennify enabled two institutions to react quickly with digital enablement using Salesforce and nCino.

Institution #1

This financial institution already had Salesforce Financial Service Cloud (FSC) and nCino Commercial Loan Origination System (LOS), but wanted to improve the experience for both customers and team members. Their goal was to automate the loan process, but they had an aggressive timeline and needed to be done in three months due to the seasonality of their business. The new process had to be stood up quickly. With our expertise in banking, Zennify met the aggressive goals.

What Zennify Did…

  • Integrated both the client portal and third party loan application systems
  • Connected the institution’s scoring system
  • Streamlined conversion of an opportunity to loan
  • Automated the approval process

The Results…

  • Reduced manual entry on applications by minutes, which turned into hundreds of hours saved
  • Institution saw over $100 million in loan growth
  • Increased revenue 300%+
  • Dramatically improved efficiency and user experience

It took a great deal of expertise to complete the integration of the client portal and the third party loan application systems, and also deep knowledge of nCino and Salesforce. When doing this type of complex work, there are a significant amount of land mines that must be navigated.

Institution #2

This client wanted to launch into a new market using a digital-first approach to reach an underserved segment. They chose nCino as their digital banking platform. It was important that they support their new segment with necessary digital financial tools. Leveraging our strong knowledge of banking and nCino, Zennify delivered what our client needed.

What Zennify Did…

  • Established a customer-facing portal to apply for loans and upload documents
  • Built a digital deposit account opening tool fast
  • Automated the lending process
  • Fully integrated all of their systems

The Results…

  • A fully digital experience
  • Seamless process that limits manual intervention
  • Equipped to deliver necessary capital to an underserved community
  • Deployed a scalable platform that was manageable

There were many hurdles to overcome. Entering a new market is never easy, but with the right tools it can be less challenging. Working together we solved significant issues that could have hindered the client from achieving their objectives.

No matter where you are on your digital journey, there are many options to consider. nCino and Salesforce provide incredible capabilities that can significantly accelerate a financial institution’s digital ambitions. The time is now to take the next steps and deliver the experience your clients deserve.

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