Document Preparation Solution: ActiveDocs

Welcome to the Zennify Banking Ecosystem series, where we share our perspective on key technologies that we see helping our clients. This week we are looking at a loan document prep solution for Financial Institutions, ActiveDocs.

ActiveDocs is a versatile document preparation solution that allows financial institutions to easily produce loan agreements, security alterations, loan settlements, advance notices, security addendums, account-related documentation, and teller documents. Most Financial Institutions want a doc prep solution that is simple to use and implement. ActiveDocs allows the capture and reuse of expert knowledge, and reduces document handling time. 

Combining this solution with nCino allows Financial Institutions to be in full control of the content and presentation of high-value documents. This is made easy with nCino’s LOS data model that can be fully integrated with ActiveDocs.

Benefits of integrating ActiveDocs with with nCino:

  • Fully integrated solution with document manager
  • Map in all necessary nCino fields 
  • Seamless user interface
  • Execute individual loan documents or complete loan packages  
  • Easily connects to e-signature applications like DocuSign

Another key value is the ability to implement faster than most other doc prep solutions. ActiveDocs’ simple architecture and easy integration method can enable a fast turn time that helps an institution to realize ROI sooner.

For Banks, Credit Unions and Farm Credits, ActiveDocs empowers the organization to easily manage and deliver necessary documents to the client, providing an optimal experience. Though connecting directly with nCino is a great opportunity, ActiveDocs can be integrated simply with Salesforce too.

With Zennify’s expertise in both nCino and Salesforce, we can advise on this solution for your institution.

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