Employee Spotlight: Ajmal Jalal

This month’s Employee Spotlight is Ajmal Jalal, a Full-Stack web developer, who has been working at Zennify for over two years. Jalal works on the Web Services team and spends his time building full-stack web applications. We’re excited to show you a day in his role and his personal career journey with Zennify so far.

When asked about his day-to-day work, Jalal said, “Busy, but a busyness that is rewarding rather than stressful.” His day typically starts with morning client meetings, followed by team collaboration and project work. One thing for certain in a role like this is learning a new skill almost every single day.

“It is very pleasant being part of a team that cares about each other, supports each other and makes the working environment stress-free.”

Ajmal Jalal

Zennify is a fast-growing company where new challenges emerge every day. This requires employees to be flexible and move fast with the growth. It also provides the opportunity to learn new skills and enhance career goals. Jalal’s suggestion to those who want to improve their skills and advance their career is to find a fast-paced and passionate company like Zennify.

Over the last two years, Jalal has seen Zennify grow in not only employee numbers but skillset and expertise as well. When Jalal joined Zennify, the Web Services team was only four people and had one front-end project. Now the team is made up of more than ten developers working on very sophisticated and technical projects for clients. The team has built full-stack web apps that are now used by hundreds of users every day.

“My favorite part of working for Zennify is the flexibility and openness of the company with the employees. The founders and management give each employee the feeling of being part of the process rather than being just an employee. This makes the work environment stress-free and pleasant.”

Ajmal Jalal

At Zennify, our culture is an integral part of our business and core to our long term success and is shaped by the great people we have here at Zennify. Jalal noted that there are tons of resources available for employees to enhance their existing skills, learn new skills and keep themselves up-to-date with new technologies.

If you’re interested in joining the Zennify family, browse our open career opportunities.

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