Employee Spotlight: John Crapuchettes

John Crapuchettes is a Solution Architect who has been at Zennify for almost two years now. We are excited to have John as our September Employee Spotlight to walk us through his role and overall experience here at Zennify.

Crapuchettes describes his Zennify journey as “fast-paced and full of action”. There aren’t many dull moments around the office (or home office, as it has been nowadays).

“Sometimes you wonder if you were transported back to your childhood memories of learning how to swim without the floaties or ride the bike without training wheels. The antidote to that feeling is in the culture of helping and growing everyone. There have been a lot of great people who you get to know along the way that can share their experiences, solutions, or knowledge.”

John Crapuchettes

What does a day as a Solution Architect look like?

Crapuchettes’ goal in his role as a Solution Architect is to serve his teammates and the customer by acting as the bridge between the business and the developers. Although currently working from home due to COVID-19, Crapuchettes’ daily schedule generally looks like the following:

  • 8:00 am – Check all communications channels
  • 9:00 am – Stand-up meeting with the customer
  • 10:00 am – Developer question and answer any open inquiries to keep the team moving on project work
  • 12:00 pm – Refinements and Demos with the customer as we gather requirements and answer questions
  • 2:00 pm – Solutioning of stories and coordination with the team for the assignment
  • 4:00 pm – Research for upcoming topics of discussion with the customer and find features that provide scalable solutions
  • 5:00 pm – Prepare content for tomorrow’s interactions with the customer

Even after a long day, Crapuchettes believes that the best part of working at Zennify is, “the people who provide energy, direction, knowledge, and encouragement as we work together to serve our customers. When the projects are challenging, the people in the trenches with you are what makes the difference. Whether it’s getting encouraged by your Product Lead, observing order being applied to requirements chaos by the Business Analyst, watching an awesome system get assembled by Developers, or collaborating with other Solution Architects – all of it directed towards the goal of serving the customer and it does inspire and keep you energized.”

Growing with Zennify

Since Crapuchettes joined Zennify two years ago, he has seen the company grow both by the number of employees as well as the depth of knowledge and complexity of projects. “We’ve tried new and more complicated solutions in each project I’ve been involved. There has really been an increase in knowledge of different pieces of technology.” states Crapuchettes, “It is awesome to see more effort being applied to helping employees grow in their Salesforce and consulting knowledge. Not coming from the consulting background, this was a huge benefit to me.”

Zennify has provided Crapuchettes opportunities to provide a productive outlet for his desire to help people solve business and technology questions. The projects he has been involved with have been complex and challenging. However, right from the start, the teams at Zennify have shined as one of the best reasons to continue. “There are some knowledgeable, encouraging, and selfless people here who make it their focus to apply their given skill sets in productive ways for everyone.” says Crapuchettes.

Getting started with a career in Salesforce

For those interested in a career in the Salesforce Consulting space, it’s important to know that every single day you are learning something new about technology, people, or business. Crapuchettes says, “Set your personal goals towards serving others. It is pretty easy to become concerned with selfish desires. But if you turn your focus towards serving others and remembering you were helped by others, even if things get difficult, you can still help your team accomplish daily goals and have great victories.”

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