Employee Spotlight: Josh Rodriguez

Josh Rodriguez is a nCino Solution Architect and has been at Zennify for a little under a year.

Rodriguez’s role helps implement a managed package solution called nCino on Salesforce. At a high level, nCino is a bank operating system that helps financial institutions streamline and standardize their loan origination workflow. His role, on an engagement level, is to help drive and lead the overall design of the nCino application from a technical perspective. In layman’s terms, he creates a lot of intricate diagrams and collaborates with our configuration specialists to determine optimal design patterns for specific business use cases.

“I love my role as it allows me to be innovative, creative, and think outside of the box. Being an extrovert, I also love my role as it allows me to interact with a lot of different folks throughout the organization.”

Josh Rodriguez

Hitting the ground running

From that project on, the nCino practice exploded in terms of additional projects. When asked about his role, Rodriguez stated, “The future for the nCino side of the practice is super bright and I’m very excited to be along for the ride with such an amazing company.”

Zennify employees are the heart of the culture

Rodriguez’s favorite part of working for Zennify is, “hands down the people that I interact with daily. Everyone that I’ve interacted with has been super warm, funny, intelligent, and hungry to learn.”

We know a lot of people have said this, but it continues to ring true. Being able to teach and help other team members grow is extremely rewarding!

“Knowing that senior leadership is willing to fully support you from day one is very rare and something that I personally think helps make Zennify stand out from a lot of the other SI partners out there.”

Josh Rodriguez

Growing the nCino practice

Growing from 1 project in flight and 7 ZennCino-ites to numerous projects in flight and roughly 25 ZennCino-ites, it is safe to say that Zennify’s nCino practice has truly blossomed.

As a nCino Solution Architect working on a rapidly growing team, Rodriguez’s workdays are often unpredictable. However, he has established a pre-work routine that would put a smile on almost anyone’s face to start the day. He starts by waking up and hanging out with his puppy Norman (4-month Aussiedoodle) while drinking his coffee and catching up on the news. Then Rodriguez drops the little guy off at daycare to have fun while he gets his workday started without distractions.

Rodriguez’s days tend to fluctuate depending on tasks on hand and scheduled meetings. He can be found discussing strategy with clients on any given day, working through existing project designs, reviewing any open technical tasks, or participating in a working session with the project team.

Immersed in an environment that caters to creators, innovators, and problem-solvers, one thing is for certain, no two days are ever the same. The new challenges and day-to-day variety play a large part in Rodriguez loving his role.

Fuel your passion with Zennify

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