Employee Spotlight: Melissa Haarmann

This month’s Employee Spotlight features Melissa Haarmann, a Zennify Regional Vice President, who has been at the forefront of our sales and growth efforts over the past 19 months. We are excited to highlight Haarmann’s role in the company and her journey with Zennify.

Spearheading sales team growth

As a Regional Vice President, Melissa Haarmann supports a team of Account Executives to help them grow their understanding of the Salesforce platform and manage a prospect/customer through the sales cycle. Haarmann also focuses on building Salesforce channel partner relationships to drive new business to Zennify.

There is no average day in the life of sales, but Haarmann typically tries to get a workout in at 5:30 AM (early bird gets the worm!) and then spends some time responding to emails before everyone begins their workday. Haarmann stated that “I try to make it a point every day to spend breakfast with my son before I officially start my workday.“

Haarmann’s typical day is filled with customer meetings and presentations in between supporting her team members. When she is not on customer calls or internal meetings, she is spending her time with Salesforce RVPs and AEs to plan events and collaborate on customers we are jointly supporting.

“My favorite part of working at Zennify is the collaboration across sales and delivery and a leadership team that encourages people to not only create their own career path, but helps them achieve it.”

– Melissa Haarmann

Growing in a startup environment

Haarmann started her journey with Zennify as a Sales Account Executive and helped Zennify expand its focus to the Central region before being promoted to Regional VP of Sales for the Central region.

Zennify has seen immense growth over the last few years, as Haarmann noted, “Zennify as a whole has almost doubled in size since I joined, but most impressively–it has gone from 2 Sales AEs before I joined to a team of 11, with 4 RVPs. As a company, we went from being known in the Financial Services space to now one of the top Salesforce Partners in FINS.”

When asked about her career goals, Haarmann said, “I have always found myself migrating towards wanting to run a sales team. While I Iove sales and the competitiveness to exceed quotas and be the top AE, when I joined Zennify my goal was to become a Regional VP and help build out Zennify’s Sales Team.”

With the support from her direct manager, Haarman was provided the tools and coaching necessary in order to take over building the sales team and begin supporting new hires.

Getting started in sales within the consulting industry

As a veteran in the Sales space, Haarman’s advice to those looking to get started in sales is that “This industry is competitive, and those who do the best are those who are self-motivated and hungry to learn.”

For those looking for your next career move in the Sales, Salesforce, nCino, or MuleSoft space, view our open positions here.

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