Employee Spotlight: Mikey Rollins

This month’s Employee Spotlight is Mikey Rollins, a Sr. Engagement Manager here at Zennify. Rollins hit the ground running when he joined in 2019. He’s had a chance to work in almost every position on a project team and even work with our Zenn For Good volunteer program.

Career Growth at Zennify

At Zennify, our people are our greatest asset. Right when Rollins started at Zennify, he was paired with a manager who took the time to help him set goals, obtain those goals, and challenged him to pursue his passions.

Since Rollins started at Zennify, the company has grown and expanded into new services like nCino and Tableau and continued to bring in talented and passionate additions to the company.

Finding a feeling of home at work

When asked about his favorite part of Zennify, his answer was simple “The people.” “My work family is a supportive web of experts across multiple domains. They are welcoming and warm and always looking to share best practices, how to develop new skills, or even help you out when you have that last minute deadline that needs an extra set of hands.”

A day-to-day with a healthy work/life balance

For Rollins, an average day starts with a ride on his Peloton and breakfast with his family. He likes to make sure that he gets a workout in at the beginning of the day to clear his mind and get focused on the day.

After that, he spends his morning with a review of his to-do list and email follow-ups while he finishes his first cup of coffee.

The remainder of the morning is a series of check-ins with clients, project teams, and colleagues to plan the next couple of days. It is usually noon at this point and Rollins will take lunch and get in a quick walk to hit the reset button before the afternoon.

After lunch, his afternoons are then filled with planning meetings, forecasting syncs, and working on his action items from the earlier meetings. If he still has free time at the end of the day, he’ll hop on Trailhead or work on a Udemy course to enhance his skills.

Getting involved with Salesforce

Rollins’ advice for those who want to get involved in the Salesforce industry is to get involved with your local Ohana and hit the trails.

“Salesforce has one of the best professional communities and meeting others in your local area will help you not only enhance your skills, but help you get exposure to what you can do with Salesforce. It is also great since you can find a mentor or be a mentor in your local community”

– Rollins

Fuel your passion with Zennify

For those looking for your next career move in the Salesforce, nCino, or MuleSoft space, view our open positions here.

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