Employee Spotlight: Nichole Pagano

In this month’s employee spotlight, we’re shifting from the usual roles within our delivery team and highlighting another side of Zennify—Marketing. Nichole Pagano is an integral part of Zennify as the Marketing Operations Manager, and has been with Zennify for over two years.

A small but mighty team

Pagano started at Zennify as the sole marketer for the company. Her journey has been unique in the sense that she has been able to build the Marketing team from the ground up. Pagano was one of the earlier employees hired at Zennify, with the company growing to 120 full-time employees over the last two years.

“I’ve always enjoyed working for a company that is in a growth phase because you’re able to really see the culture evolve.”

Nichole Pagano

“Zennify has been instrumental in my career growth. I have been grateful for the opportunity to see the brand and company evolve over the last few years,” Pagano noted. “We’ve since built out an extremely talented and experienced marketing team that has allowed us to scale and take our skillset to the next level.”

No two days are the same in Marketing

Pagano states that no day has ever been the same for her. She estimates she wears close to 100 (or more) hats in her role, with a diverse set of tasks and campaigns that she works with on a daily basis. On average though, she will spend her mornings working through emails and internal meetings and often spends her afternoons working on open tasks like campaign management, supporting sales and go-to-market teams, planning social media, event management, partner work, brand design, graphic design, email marketing, and more.

Finding a company you love to work for

Pagano’s favorite part of working for Zennify is that she believes it’s a truly sustainable career. She said, “Not only are you continuously growing and learning, but the company is built for its people. The team is composed of passionate and hard-working individuals who are supported in both their professional and personal lives.” The company benefits include unlimited PTO, fully-covered insurance, and flexible work conditions which allow for people to avoid burnout and truly enjoy what they do.

Over the last two years, Pagano has worked closely with the Executive team and believes that Zennify’s leadership is one of the most transparent, agile, and innovative groups of leaders she has come across.

“The leadership team will always go above and beyond to ensure employees have everything they need to succeed; whether it be a quality work-from-home setup or continuing education, the company is dedicated to seeing our people succeed.”

Advice for those just getting started

If you’re looking for a career in Marketing, Pagano’s advice is to never stop learning. “It’s truly about what you put in that determines how successful you will be.”

For those interested in a career in the Salesforce space, Pagano says to just “get started”. MyTrailhead is a free resource and Salesforce has a role for everyone within the platform, whether it’s a developer, admin, or a consultant.

Pagano’s last remarks are, “The people at Zennify have all come together from very different backgrounds and diverse levels of education from all over the country. Our team is bonded by our dedication and expertise in the Salesforce platform – which is a pretty cool thing to witness.”

For more information about career opportunities at Zennify, check out our open positions here.

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