Employee Spotlight: Praveen Kanumuri

Praveen Kanumuri is a Technical Director who has been with Zennify for over two years. We are excited to share with you more about Kanumuri’s experience and journey at Zennify in this month’s Employee Spotlight.

With 20+ years of IT experience and an impressive arsenal of Salesforce certifications, Kanumuri quickly established himself as an invaluable asset to the Zennify team. Kanumuri noted that his time with Zennify has pushed his professional skillset to new heights, expanding in both his technical prowess and leadership capabilities. He attributed his growth to the new opportunities placed before, challenging him to step outside his comfort zone.

The best getting better

Since joining Zennify, Kanumuri has played a crucial role in many client projects, spanning across several industries, either leading or part of, the technical team. These experiences exposed him to new roles, industries, technologies, and functionality that he had not yet explored. Kanumuri stated, “Combining knowledge old and new, allows me to lead the way for my team and set our clients up for success.”

Culture and complementary counterparts

As is true for many of us here, Kanumuri’s favorite part about working at Zennify is the outstanding company culture. Beyond that, Kanumuri pointed to the differing levels of experience and areas of expertise, creating an environment where those working together are often complimentary of one another.

Then & Now

When starting at Zennify, Kanumuri was one of about 80 employees. However, he has witnessed quite the transformation as that number has more than doubled. Not to mention Zennify has become a Mulesoft Partner, Tableau Partner, and nCino Partner, as well as expanded into Salesforce Health Cloud all in that time.

Kanumuri’s days are rarely the same, but in one way or another usually consist of standups, working with project teams, navigating through obstacles, solutioning client needs, resolving pain points, demonstrations, providing technical direction and support to a portfolio, keeping myself updated with new releases and features, mentoring and coaching.

Regardless of the day, Kanumuri’s determination to make the most of his opportunities and face challenges head-on has earned him a crucial role at Zennify, along with the knowledge and ability to handle nearly anything thrown his way.

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