Employee Spotlight: Sarah Coulter

In this month’s Employee Spotlight, we’re excited to highlight one of our rockstar Senior Salesforce Consultants, Sarah Coulter. Sarah has been in the Salesforce ecosystem for over 8 years, and with Zennify for a year and a half, leading implementation projects for Zennify’s large and strategic clients.

A fast but furious career journey

Coulter’s Zennify journey has been very fast-paced. She jumped right into projects and has been able to expand her knowledge of platform features as well as gain experience with a variety of industries and multiple client types.

Coulter joined Zennify at the beginning of our growth boom 18 months ago. “Zennify has added so much talent and so many skill sets to our team. It’s been really great watching our practice grow from when I started,” she noted.

When asked about career support, Coulter stated, “Zennify has been very supportive. I came to Zennify to accelerate my education and experience on the Salesforce platform. I have grown the equivalent of 3 years of experience, in the 1 year I have been here.”

Day-to-day as a Senior Salesforce Consultant

As a Senior Consultant, Coulter is leading multiple project teams. This means that her day is generally filled with meetings, both internal and with clients.

Internal meetings are typically around keeping track of the progress of the project. She may have a daily scrum with a dev team, a forecasting meeting with her Senior Engagement Manager or check-in with a Solution Architect to review progress on key milestones.

Client meetings are also about keeping track of progress, but from a different perspective, like a weekly status or budget review or refinement and prioritization call to get the next sprint’s work ready to go.

If Coulter has the time, she’ll review Trailhead content to review a feature her team is implementing or check-in with the Salesforce User Group Community to see what community happenings are being scheduled that she can attend. Coulter is a user group leader for the Salesforce Success Community and Zennify supports her passion for the “Ohana.”

Finding your work family

When asked about Coulter’s favorite part of working at Zennify she said, “My co-workers. I know it sounds very cliche, but it really is true. Zennify is filled with so many talented people. Being a part of so many different projects has given me a ton of exposure to different experts in our field. I have been able to see that Zennify really does find the most amazing Salesforce (or Marketing Cloud, or nCino or Mulesoft) talent and brings them onboard to support our clients.”

Advice for those seeking a career in Consulting

As a true expert in her field, Coulter has some raw and real advice for those considering a career in the industry.

“Consulting is a unique business and it’s not meant for everyone. If you think you are interested in consulting, consider asking yourself if you are ready to take on challenges. Not just client challenges, but also personal growth challenges. You have to be tenacious and also have to be flexible. As much as we try to control, there are SO many factors in consulting that you can never plan for them all, so you have to be ready to change plans.”

Sarah Coulter

Coulter has been in the Salesforce ecosystem for over 8 years and is still learning new things every single day as a Consultant.

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