Employee Spotlight: Savana Maxon

We are thrilled to feature Savana Maxon, our Manager of People Operations, who has been with Zennify for over a year and a half. This month’s spotlight gives you an insight into another side of the Zennify organization!

What does a Manager of People Operations do?

Maxon handles a lot of different areas of human resources from onboarding new team members, insurance, benefits and payroll support, internal HRIS system setup and integration, performance management and supporting leadership with growth and evolving needs. Zennify is constantly innovating and delivering great work, which is critical to setting us apart as a Trusted Advisor in the consulting ecosystem.

“My goal is to ensure that all employees receive the support and resources they need to grow their talent to achieve their goals.”

Savana Maxon

Honing in on your skills and passions

Maxon originally joined to provide support to Human Resources, but within six months, was diving into developing new programs, streamlining systems and processes and even learning how to integrate HR data into Salesforce for internal projects.

Last August, Maxon accepted the position of Manager, People Operations, and even though she still has a wide range of projects, she is excited to lead initiatives that will increase employee engagement, career growth and performance management.

Day-to-day as a Manager of People Operations

“I don’t know if on the Operations Team there is such a thing as an ‘average day,’ especially with all of the growth we’ve experienced,” stated Maxon. She said that when she can regularly make a difference in somebody’s day, or their job, that’s a fulfilling day for her.

“I can process paperwork and all the HR related functions, but at the end of the day if I’m not improving on somebody else’s job or day, then I haven’t done my job,” she said.

Zennify’s support in career development

Zennify is full of people that support each other and help each other to grow beyond their comfort zone, and Maxon said that is one of the big ways Zennify has been able to support her.

“It has been such a cool experience to be a part of (Zennify), and because of the quick pace and experience of wearing all the hats I could find, it has allowed me to grow and land where I am today.”

Savana Maxon

Growing with Zennify

What’s the Manager of People Operations’ favorite part of working for Zennify? It comes as no surprise that Maxon’s favorite part of working for Zennify is the people. Maxon said, “I have made so many wonderful connections here, found mentors, and made a ton of invaluable relationships. Everyone is unique here, which I love. And everyone is so supportive and encouraging of your growth and journey.”

Maxon had a very inspiring take on what it means to work hard and grow within your role. She said that, “You must work hard and want to work hard. I do not mean you have to work 13-hour days or over the weekend, I mean that one must work with intention. You need the attitude and perspective that with work will come growth. You need to be creative, collaborative, and a champion of your teammates. If you respect others and their work, the respect will come right back to you. If you enjoy and can navigate working in a fast-paced company with a purpose, you will find success.”

Fuel your passion with Zennify

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