Employee Spotlight: Taylor Sam

What is your position at Zennify and what do you do?

My position is Fullstack Developer and I develop web applications for clients using programming languages like Javascript, HTML, CSS and modern web frameworks such as ReactJS.

How long have you been working with Zennify?

I joined Zennify in October of 2018 which makes it around 1 year and 3 months.

How has Zennify supported you in your career goals?

The web technology, programming languages, development frameworks and supported libraries that I work with on a daily basis at Zennify are directly related to the skills I have learned in recent years when transitioning to a career in web development. This has allowed me to grow these skills and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to work with my manager Josh Grider to continue my personal development.

What has your journey with Zennify looked like?

It’s been an incredible journey so far working with all of the amazing people here at Zennify ever since day one. I continue to be impressed by our Executive team for their support and commitment to our success. I have worked on multiple Front End web development projects for our clients using ReactJS. These projects dealt with implementing a complete redesign of the existing UI and many users have since been able to enjoy the new and improved features.

What’s your favorite part of working for Zennify?

Our company is awesome in so many ways so its hard to choose a favorite. I love the initiatives we currently offer outside of business which includes ZennEarth and ZennForGood. The work and efforts coming out of these initiatives are all done voluntarily by passionate team members. I feel that these initiatives are impactful and meaningful and I am proud to participate!

How has Zennify grown since you’ve been here?

I was among one of the first waves of web developers to be hired for projects outside of SalesForce and I have seen substantial growth with the Web Services team. We have gained amazing, talented team members since then and have the resources to offer solid web solutions to our clients. I look forward to this year ahead!

What does your average day look like?

I start my day at home with a daily 30 minute stand-up with the entire project team to go over what each individual worked on yesterday, what they plan on working on for the day, and if there are any potential blockers. After that wraps, I head into the office and start working on tasks that consist of developing user-facing web applications. I’ll spend my time writing code, researching solutions on the web, communicating with my team, and attending different meetings to further the project delivery

What advice do you have to others who are considering a career in this industry?

A career in software development is one that has a ton of opportunities in the job market, yet it takes discipline to learn how to code. There are many ways to learn web development which includes attending a 6-month coding boot camp, taking online courses, or attending University. Depending on your style of learning, one option can be better for you. Above all, it takes grit, commitment, and persistence to learn to code. One of the first steps that I always encourage others is to join a local meetup group in your area that involves web development. These include technology talks, coffee, and coding, social hours with others.

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