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What is your position at Zennify and what do you do?

Senior Salesforce Developer. I work to create technical approaches to business requirements and then implement those solutions with Code or Configuration.

How long have you been working with Zennify?

Almost 2 years.

How has Zennify supported you in your career goals?

Zennify has given me the opportunity to expand my Salesforce and programming skills through challenging projects and certifications.

What has your journey with Zennify looked like?

I began as a Salesforce developer with no consulting experience. In my time with Zennify, I have gained more development experience and also learned how to work alongside clients to turn their business processes into automated Salesforce magic.

What’s your favorite part of working for Zennify?

The challenges that come from clients and being able to work alongside a variety of co-workers with different perspectives and skillsets. There is nothing that makes my day like turning a complicated set of requirements into a sleek easy to use and understand the solution.

I have worked alongside some of the best people here a Zennify. The best part about Zennify is the collective mindset that we are a team and everyone needs to succeed for us to be a success.

How has Zennify grown since you’ve been here?

I started at Zennify when the total company was about 40 employees and we have since doubled in size and expanded coast to coast. It is great to see that our family has grown and has allowed more companies to experience the Zen way of Salesforce.

What does your average day look like?

A typical day is a coffee first, then reviewing emails and checking my daily calendar. Usually one or two calls with the client or my team for daily check-ins. Then heads down in development and assisting my team with tasks. Those tasks can be anything from code, configuration, designing solutions, or creating technical documentation.

What advice do you have to others who are considering a career in this industry?

Be eager to learn and adapt. Salesforce, like all technology, is constantly changing and you have to want to take advantage of those new opportunities. I began as a Java developer, but have now expanded my knowledge beyond just code and into more specialized Salesforce products like Communities and Heroku because I wanted to be more than a coder.

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