Financial Services Cloud upgrade options: Three paths to success

At Zennify, we often hear from existing Salesforce customers that they’re interested in moving to Financial Services Cloud (FSC), but don’t know how to make the leap. One common misconception is that the only way to transition to FSC is to completely re-implement or “rip and replace” your org.

Fortunately, that’s not the case. Thanks to a number of enhancements to the FSC data model in recent years, customers now have more transition options available to them than ever.

Based on our numerous FSC implementations, we’ve identified three paths for moving to FSC, and have analyzed the business and technical impacts of each. These options offer customers flexibility based on their current situation—and a gateway to success.

  1. Clean upgrade: A clean upgrade is the fastest option for customers to get up and running on FSC with minimal disruption to ongoing system use.
  2. Complex upgrade: A complex upgrade allows customers to keep existing customizations in place when upgrading to FSC.
  3. New org re-implementation (when necessary): Re-implementing in a new org lets customers start fresh and reimagine core processes around FSC.

To learn more about these approaches or evaluate your FSC upgrade options, reach out to your trusted Zennify advisor today.

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