Eyes on the Future: Zennify’s Vision for 2022

At Zennify, we aspire to be the best—the most trusted advisor in the consulting ecosystem that provides an unmatched experience for our incredible employees, clients, and the community. In December 2021, Zennify took a major step forward in enabling its vision of excellence.

In this milestone moment for Zennify, we created a strategic funding partnership with Tercera. Our respective firms vibed on Day 1—sharing common values, a collective vision, passion for technology-driven professional services, and a deep appreciation for the amazing people that make it happen.

As founders, Jesse, Nathan, and I know it’s a huge decision to take on outside investment. We are well aware of nightmare stories where the firm’s culture diminishes and top talent leaves as they sense the firm has lost its way. This startup journey is very personal and emotional.

While we’re proud of Zennify’s accolades, what matters most to us is the health and happiness of the firm. We sought out a true partner and advisory team that would bring immense value while understanding the importance of the soul of the firm, recognizing it as the core power cell that enables growth. The Tercera team is truly unique in that they not only have walked in our shoes, but they have thrived, harnessing a common set of core values and deep appreciation for culture and people. We’ve assembled an amazing leadership team here at Zennify, and each of us is incredibly excited to have an advisory team that will help us take this remarkable firm to the next level. They get it, they get us, and we get each other.

Our collective opportunity is compelling. The FinTech industry is thriving and undergoing massive change as customers’ expectations are increasing. While FinTech cloud technology from leading platforms like Salesforce and nCino is enabling accelerated transformation, our clients and the industry increasingly require a true partner to help them transition and maximize the value from their investments. This takes top talent, and we know that technology consulting can be fulfilling but relentless. Tercera’s investment enables us to provide an unmatched experience for our top talent as we aim to “Zennify” consulting. We will expand our brand and culture as we expand and deepen our ecosystem expertise and impact.

We’re uniquely proud of our tight-knit culture, which focuses on flexibility, giving our team the ability to work where they want, how they want. We prioritize the health, wellbeing, and balance of everyone at Zennify because we know how demanding consulting is. We not only want to grow but inspire others in our industry to adopt healthier, fairer, and more equitable practices so we can all rise together and change work culture for the better.

The last thing I want to mention is this: technology and innovation aren’t about gatekeeping. The world is becoming more digital by the day. We risk developing a stratified, unequal society if we don’t invest in teaching, training, and reskilling people to operate in our digital knowledge economy. At Zennify, we’re proud to partner with Grow with Google, Code Black Indy, Merit America, and the Salesforce Talent Alliance to create more tech job opportunities for underserved communities and close the STEM representation gap. With programs for digital upskilling and accessible education, Zennify strives to open new career paths for historically excluded groups. Our new funding from Tercera will enable us to strengthen our environment, social and governance (ESG), and workforce development programs.

English staffy puppy looking at sun catcher prismAs we close out 2021 and look ahead to the new year, I see nothing but exciting possibilities. I’m proud to invite the financial services and consulting industries on that journey with Zennify.

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