Hello from Michael Rouleau, Zennify’s New Chief Revenue Officer

I believe that being a services partner is a privilege. A privilege because our customers trust us with their success. When done well, that trust is returned – the customer is able to run their business in new and innovative ways, scale and extend their capabilities to other parts of their business, and maximize end-user participation in their growth.

I’ve been in this ecosystem a long time, as a consultant, as a customer, and on the front lines during my 8 years at Salesforce. During my time at Salesforce, I saw hundreds of implementations and provided advice while partnering with the C-suite on a myriad of digital transformations . Coupled with two decades as a front line executive at Bank of America and Accenture, I’ve learned through both successes and failures what it takes to deliver true, material outcomes. Being able to share the learnings and provide trusted advice so that customers set themselves up for long-term sustainable growth is what truly excites me.

For my next career chapter, I wanted to help scale and differentiate an innovative services company, bring a sense of mission to develop/inspire my teammates, and have a broader, long- lasting impact on customers. And I wanted to be at a company whose product or purpose I believed in.

I’m so thrilled and grateful to be joining Zennify; it’s the right mission, culture, and service offering, all at the right time. Zennify’s approach goes beyond successful implementations and focuses on maximizing capabilities across the business. In addition, the technology innovation at Zennify is deliberately focused on setting our customers up to unlock future growth – specifically relating to data strategy and AI – critical to the future of customer productivity and efficiency.

One of the best lessons I learned in the military was the power of having a clear and purposeful mission. And I am passionate about Zennify’s purpose – delivering meaningful outcomes by keeping the long-term health and growth of the customer at the forefront of everything.

Thank you to the leaders and founders at Zennify for giving me the opportunity to be part of this special organization. Thank you to our customers and partners for your trust. And thank you to my new teammates for your commitment, resolve, and teamwork for our customers every day.

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