Lightning on the Horizon

Harness the power of Salesforce Lightning to spark innovation and productivity across your business

“Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work.”

Mark Twain

Salesforce Lightning is here, and it’s ready to work. The next generation of the Salesforce platform, Lightning presents a quantum leap forward in functionality, usability and speed. Through a transformational overhaul to the Salesforce Classic user interface, coupled with a suite of advanced new and re-imagined features, Lightning empowers companies to move faster and be more productive than ever before.

In early 2020 Lightning will begin to auto-activate and redirect users to Lightning Experience. Have you storm-proofed your business?

While the benefits of Lightning are many, it’s critical that companies get ahead of the change and be proactive and intentional about their transition, or key processes may break and business disruption occur. The key to a smooth Lightning conversion is choosing an experienced implementation partner who knows the platform inside and out—as well as the challenges that come with conversion—to help you harness its power and electrify your business.

Spark productivity and innovation across your business

The Lightning Experience, and more importantly the Lightning Architecture, is the future of the Salesforce ecosystem. With nearly 1000 exclusive features and a sleek, intuitive UI, Lightning offers the enhanced, modern experience that today’s users expect, enabling them to navigate easily and efficiently, and effortlessly leverage the power of the Salesforce platform.

Through visually appealing reports, dashboards and sales paths, automated workflows, Kanban list views, simplified data entry, app builders and revamped object pages, Lightning offers features and functionality that boost productivity and innovation for end users and administrators alike. In fact, a Forrester Total Economic Impact™ study revealed that by adopting Lightning, a composite organization experienced the following benefits:

  • A 3 to 25 percent increase in productivity
  • 50 percent faster application development
  • 25 percent time-savings for developers
  • Faster time to market
  • Improved process efficiency

Here are just a few of the ways that Lightning can electrify your business:

  • Boost productivity and increase efficiency for sales and service teams.
  • With its updated UI and innovative new features, Lightning Experience enables users to spend more time providing exceptional customer experiences—and less time juggling technologies and applications. In fact, by helping them find, prioritize and act on their most important work, Lightning can save up to 10 hours per employee per week.
  • Optimize operations and run your business better. Lightning gives management teams more accurate and comprehensive data about business performance, with insight into areas such as sales pipeline and service operations—enabling them to focus their efforts on the functions that need it most
  • Quickly and easily launch new products and services. Simplify development and accelerate time to market by empowering IT and the business to create apps together using no-code builders and pro-code tools. With Lightning, you can quickly spin up new functionality using clicks or code, extend any app with partner-built components and ultimately reduce development time by 25 percent.
  • Work smarter with artificial intelligence. Add analytics and prediction across your business with Salesforce Einstein—a layer of intelligence within Lightning that brings powerful AI technologies to end-users, admins and more. And with the Einstein Platform, developers get a rich set of platform services to help them build smarter apps and customize AI to meet specific business needs.

The right partner? A lightning rod for change

Implemented correctly, Lightning promises the cutting-edge features, functionality and usability to transform your business. But to reap all of the benefits it has to offer, the right implementation partner is key. The goal? To help your business thrive—not just survive—throughout the conversion process.

Zennify has extensive experience and an established record in successfully converting financial services organizations to Lightning. With a deep bench of Certified Lightning App Builders on our team, we have helped companies like Simplot and Financial Engines make the leap.

Zennify’s proven approach to Lightning conversion offers:

  • Improvement, not parity. Lightning presents a whole new suite of advanced capabilities, and Zennify helps you make the most of them. We don’t merely recreate what you already have today. We take advantage of the latest features and functionality to improve your overall implementation, optimize the platform’s core and provide stability, scalability and reduced complexity—supercharging your entire Salesforce ecosystem.
  • Change Management and training. Moving to Lightning is a good change, but it’s still a change. Through proactive communications, effective training and an open-door approach to feedback, Zennify will make sure your organization and users are prepared for the transition, so they can quickly adapt to—and even enjoy—their new experience. Plus, we make the conversion process a positive one for admins by setting them up for success.
  • Speed to delivery. We utilize Salesforce native and third-party tools to get your business up and running quickly on Lightning, automatically converting Visualforce pages and JavaScript buttons so you don’t need to re-create them from scratch. The Zennify team will help you swiftly go from zero to Lightning—and start realizing rapid ROI on your conversion investment.

Lightning in a bottle: the Zennify process

Zennify delivers these benefits through a deliberate process, tried and tested during our numerous Lightning conversion engagements. Based on industry best practices, our blueprint for success includes seven key phases to ensure an efficient, painless transition:

  1. Lightning Experience readiness assessment
    • Our experts’ first step will be to run Salesforce Lightning Readiness Check and review its automatically-generated report to assess which features and customizations need special attention, which users will benefit the most (and which might be potential pilot users) and how to adjust your implementation. They’ll also manually review your org to identify any other items that require consideration, further informing our rollout plan.
  2. Technical evaluation
    • Zennify’s team will review your Salesforce Classic implementation to determine exactly what needs to be converted—and what doesn’t. We’ll also evaluate necessary functionality to help us recommend the optimal Lightning configuration to meet your specific business needs.
  3. Configuration & development
    • Our consultants will then fully configure the Lightning Experience to deliver not only the basic required functionality, but by leveraging advanced new features, even more. At this point, we’ll also convert existing custom code to Lightning, positioning your business to take advantage of future improvements to the platform.
  4. Prototyping and user feedback
    • To determine the optimal Lightning functionality for your users and business, Zennify will create a sandbox environment and prototype a variety of UIs. We’ll then hold user feedback sessions, allowing them to experiment with and provide input on the interfaces—helping us create the best possible experience and ultimately support user adoption.
  5.  Production pilots
    • Zennify’s team will now enlist the aid of super users to participate in production pilots—generating further feedback and creating evangelists within your organization. We’ll use this critical data to tweak, iterate and improve upon the Lightning Experience ahead of rollout.
  6. Change management & training
    • In this crucial phase, Zennify will help you prepare your company to transition to the Lightning environment by deploying our proven change management approach, grounded in thoughtful planning, proactive communication and reliance on best practices. Our team will guide you through each phase and ensure that administrators and users alike are familiar and comfortable with the coming changes.
  7. Company-wide rollout
    • Finally, we’ll launch Lightning and provide the support you need to make it a success. In addition to frequent office hours to assist users and gather feedback, we’ll provide user adoption tracking, analysis reports and dashboards to help you measure, monitor and iterate—continually improving your Lightning environment. Finally, we’ll employ Salesforce Optimizer to analyze and enhance features, clean up customizations and further reduce complexity to encourage adoption.

Weathering the storm—together

Sometimes the winds of change can bring a few storm clouds with them. As can be expected with any big transition, there are some potential challenges (and a number of widespread misconceptions) businesses encounter when converting to Lightning.

Fortunately, thanks to our many successful Lightning conversion projects, Zennify’s consultants are intimately familiar with these common issues—and will share best practices and proactive strategies for addressing them.

Challenge #1: User adoption. One of the most frequent issues companies face is user adoption. Change is always difficult, and altering the workplace tools employees use every day can create resistance. Zennify’s carefully-planned, expertly-executed change management and training methodology will ease your business through this critical time. Our team will ensure that the Lightning Experience is rolled out successfully across all users, helping them feel more proficient in the new features and functionality at their fingertips, and ultimately boosting user adoption rates

Challenge #2: Compatibility with third-party systems and tools. Many businesses are concerned about the compatibility of Lightning with the third-party products they currently use with Classic, and fear that conversion will impact key business processes. Zennify’s integration experts are highly conversant in the widely-used tools its customers employ and are well-versed in safely, smoothly converting them to the Lightning environment—without disrupting critical business operations in the process

Challenge #3: Manpower. Many companies today simply don’t have the time and personnel required to plan, execute and support a time- and labor-intensive Lightning conversion project. Updating Lightning and Visualforce pages, refining process automation and shouldering the full burden of development can be beyond the scope of many in-house IT departments. Zennify’s experts do the heavy lifting to help companies of any size make the switch—freeing precious IT resources to focus on other value-added tasks

Why Zennify?

Zennify works with leading firms to do more than merely convert to Lightning. We empower them to seize the opportunity to fuel productivity and innovation across their business. Companies throughout the financial services sector have trusted Zennify to lead them through the transition and tap into the full potential of the Lightning platform. Why?

Your business is our business. Our powerhouse consultants will study your organization from the inside out to gain a solid understanding of your operations, processes, tools and systems. No detail goes unnoticed. Plus, Zennify’s team has years of experience in the financial services space and is deeply familiar with the technologies you already use.

We bring it all together. We combine our extensive industry expertise, established knowledge of best practices and proven methodologies to develop the most effective, comprehensive Lightning conversion approach to meet your unique business goals.

Enabling your vision is our passion. As a trusted implementation partner, we’ll work side-by-side with you to envision, plan and roll out a fully integrated, end-to-end, scalable Lightning ecosystem—and give you the tools and training to make it a success.

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