Zenn for Good partners with the National Legal Advocacy Network

Zenn for Good is an internal initiative at Zennify that empowers our employees to give back to their communities—both personally and professionally. Our volunteer program forges partnerships with local nonprofits to provide a range of services. Our goal is to create long-lasting relationships with the organizations that make our communities a better place. Zenn for Good recently partnered with the National Legal Advocacy Network (NLAN) to assist them in optimizing their Salesforce ecosystem utilizing the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack.

NLAN is a legal non-profit organization that believes in shifting the balance of power towards greater equity in our economy and society through empowering systematically marginalized people and challenging entrenched racial discrimination, sexual harassment and exploitative workplace practices and predatory business schemes. NLAN is dedicated to leveraging legal resources to enhance the capacity and sustainability of the low-wage worker movement through community focused lawyering, worker center support, and strategic litigation.

Obstacles to overcome

NLAN engaged with Zennify to help their legal team identify potential clients and manage accepted court cases within Salesforce for more efficient management, tracking, and reporting.

Specific challenges included:

  • A previously failed Salesforce implementation
  • Data stored in multiple locations lead to details falling through the cracks
  • Multiple contacts associated with each court case
  • Manual intake leading to tedious, repetitive tasks for the legal team and collaborators
  • No visibility into upcoming court case deadlines

NLAN needed to optimize their current processes to efficiently and effectively help those in need as well as provide themselves with an opportunity for growth.

Partnering for success

Zennify determined that the Salesforce Service Cloud was the best fit for NLAN’s needs. We were able to work with existing stakeholders to define issues with the prior system and assess goals for the new system that would allow a holistic view for NLAN’s Attorney Network, providing an improved user experience.

Zennify built an intake screen flow in NLAN’s existing Salesforce environment, maintaining the look and feel for NLAN’s Attorney Network experience.  Once the intake process was complete, users were able to gather new information (leads), assess which cases to accept (becoming contacts) or refer, then track, manage, and report on contacts, cases, and donors—in one environment complete with the NLAN branding! Having data from multiple sources mapped and stored in the appropriate locations within Salesforce truly improved work flow and functionality for this amazing organization.


Leveraging the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, the Zennify Team was able to accomplish the following:

  • Develop a solution to collect, work through, and track cases accepted via an Intake screen flow
  • Leverage flows and apex actions to streamline and automate the acceptance process
  • Create multiple Reports to provide the ability to view upcoming case deadlines and statuses in Salesforce
  • Develop a manual data load to integrate data from Survey Monkey, allowing the team to gather worker experiences, link them to Contacts, and monitor issues/trends of these experiences

Zennify understood the business needs that the previous implementers did not grasp and delivered a high-quality, sustainable Court Case Management process. After training, the Legal team expressed how excited they were to fill out intakes and appreciated how we really understood their business.

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