nSight 2021: Zennify’s Top Takeaways

nSight 2021 was action-packed this year, and we are proud to have been a sponsor for such an important and transformative event in the banking industry.

Zennify was in full attendance, with a diverse range of roles from an nCino Solution Architect to Functional Consultants to an nCino Technical Director. As your trusted advisor, our commitment is to be your go-to partner for delivering the latest nCino product features and tools that can help solve your business challenges. Check out our team’s event highlights and takeaways from nSight 2021.

nCino’s nSight conference is one of the events I look forward to each year as it gives us the opportunity to connect with the broader nCino community. Even though it’s not the same as attending in person, nCino has excelled in bringing the community together virtually these past two years. This year, there was a heavy focus on analytics and the insights to be gained using them in all areas of banking. One of those areas is Fair Lending.

Fair Lending laws require that financial institutions provide fair and uniform services and credit decisions. With the use of nCino Analytics Fair Lending module, financial institutions are able to perform portfolio analysis of loans and applications, view reports to identify pricing discrimination, and identify trends related to HMDA and CRA. Designed to be used for the entire portfolio, financial institutions can filter by specific segments of their portfolio to drill down to the information that matters.

I’m excited to see what the future brings as nCino continues to invest in leveraging analytics to empower financial institutions to bring all of their data into the Salesforce ecosystem and deliver relevant, actionable insights.

Having been to a few nSight conferences in person and not attending last year’s conference, this was my first virtual experience and nCino did not disappoint. The keynote conversations were really exciting to hear what they have planned down the road and the breakout sessions were really informative.

The breakout session I really enjoyed was the Understanding DevOps in the Community Banking Space. The way they laid out the use of version control and sandbox usage (and the different options) was very helpful in my overall knowledge of the system usage. Using those things along with configuration data migration and an environment strategy can put the business in a great place to succeed moving forward. The AutoRabbit partnership was also laid out with good detail as to how it can help with the overall work process of migration.

I always look forward to learning at the nCino nSight conference, as I’m really excited to learn more about the enhancements and upcoming new features within the nCino platform. However, every year it surprises me more and more about what I learn about the industry itself.

nCino is great at incorporating both technical information about their platform and industry knowledge within their presentations and discussions. Specifically, the Keynote presentations I feel have the most value for me personally as they shed so much light on the bigger picture of banking within our local communities and worldwide. No matter what you’re looking for at the conference, there is so much good information available that it makes attendance an absolute must.

This was my first time attending a nCino event. My previous work experience with credit unions and banking caused me to realize that many financial institutions use outdated technology platforms and stacks. This leads to manual workarounds and inefficiencies which negatively affect a financial institution’s ability to continuously adapt to changing customer and market needs. nCino’s modern and scalable application architecture enables financial clients to innovate faster and work smarter.

Speaking of being able to move faster, two breakout sessions I enjoyed were “The Intelligent Enterprise and the Commercial Bank” and “Understanding DevOps in the Community Banking Space.” In “The Intelligent Enterprise,” Keri Smith stated, “Data Operations needs to be done with consumption in mind.” This speaks to the need to maximize the insights which are available in clients’ data as well as the urgency in making it accessible and consumable for their operations staff and decision-makers. Another great quote from that session (pertaining to the importance of data quality) was “You’re only as good as the data.”

Heading into nSight 2021, I wasn’t sure what to expect as it was my very first conference. I am pleasantly surprised by all of the different topics covered throughout both days. I really loved CEO Pierre Naude’s Keynote speech. He spoke on one of the key points with nCino was ongoing growth after implementation. Maintaining the platform from a company perspective after users are in the system. I feel that is a big area to excel and improve client’s nCino orgs.

One session I attended and was highly intrigued by was the nIQ technology. Automating spreads is such a valuable tool to have and the features it provides. The host presented a demo of how automating spreads can be used with a few clicks to populate that data into Auto Decisioning. This provides so much efficiency to the end-user.

This was the first year I’ve attended the nCino nSight Conference and I’m glad I did so. As we all know, nCino continues to expand its expertise and dominance as the market leader in the Commercial Banking space. However, what I was most intrigued by was the significant push nCino is making into the Retail Banking space.

It is clear that nCino has recognized how important it is to expand their presence in this market and they are making some really exciting enhancements to the product. Speed seemed to be a major focus with the automated decision, automated pricing, no-touch document preparation, and electronic signature capabilities being at the forefront of the Retail presentations. As Zennify continues to push more into the Retail Banking and Credit Union space, I’m really excited to see how nCino continues to enhance and evolve its product.

A constant refrain I heard from the speakers at nSight 2021 was how large an impact the Coronavirus pandemic has had on banking and the nCino world. My biggest takeaway from the conference is that now is a good time to be in cloud banking, and nCino is making a business-changing impact for financial institutions around the world.

For better or worse, we are online more now than we were before the pandemic. nSight 2021 showed that nCino is making an even greater effort to implement new features. My favorite subject during the conference was learning about how nCino is using intelligence and AI to increase automation and help users spend less time inserting data and more time focusing on their customers. Enhancements like automated spreading and an improved pricing tool will be much-needed features. I also enjoyed learning about how nCino is protecting our client’s data on the cloud and what cybersecurity efforts they are implementing to ensure that data stays safe.

nSight is always one of my favorite events of the year. It is the time of year where nCino employees, Partners, and Financial Institutions truly come together as one big nCino family. The conference allows all of us to learn how the continuous innovation and development on the platform can provide a positive impact on each of our lives for the years to come.

I came into the event excited to learn more about Deal Management. This is one area of the system which nCino has focused upon and looks to continuously improve as Financial Institutions push larger and larger deal structures through the system. The development of Relationship Credit Actions, Deal Panel, Bulk Actions, and Improved Navigation provides Financial Institutions with the functionality they often found missing in the nCino platform. Additionally, this functionality minimizes the clicks for everyday users and increases the overall speed of actions taken within the system.

I am beyond excited for nSight 2022 and hope the nCino family can do it in person next year!

This was the first nSight I attended and I’m glad I did! It was great to see how many positive impacts they’ve made on financial institutions, especially during this past year where cloud implementations have been needed more than ever. One session I attended was centered around Automated Spreads. This seems like a great feature that allows a financial institution’s data to be seamlessly integrated into various parts of the system, such as ratios for auto decisioning. I’m excited to see these new features in action to continue providing financial institutions with the most efficient nCino experience possible!

With this being the first nCino event I have attended and the first remote conference at the scale nCino put together, it was impressive. The email marketing to get signed up was simple and straightforward, with the following tasks to complete. Receiving the nCino swag was a great way to build up the excitement before the event.

Starting from the Keynote kickoff to the following breakout sessions was streamlined in UI and knowing where to go next. The excitement in the comments channel was lively, which aligned well with the passion you could see from the speakers. I appreciate nCino recording all of the sessions and giving attendees access to watch again and pick up on anything we might have missed.

We are looking forward to next year!

Being a former nCino employee, nSight was something that I always wanted to attend, but never had the chance to until this year! It definitely did not disappoint one bit. From the very first keynote speech given by Pierre to the last breakout session I attended about Cyber Security, I was n’gaged and amazed by the quality of the content. One of the hardest things for me was trying to figure out which sessions to attend because all of them sounded very n’teresting and n’lightening. Luckily, I know that everything was recorded so I can view the sessions I wasn’t able to attend live next week.

What I enjoyed learning about most was just how much investment and advancement nCino has made to their NIQ offering, as I remember years ago this new feature being a pipe dream. It was fantastic to see it live in action in “The Intelligent Enterprise and the Commercial Bank” breakout session through the Automated Spreading demo. I’m pumped to see just how far nCino will take their product and am so honored to be able to help transform banks, credit unions, and alternative finance institutions! To quote a term heard a lot around nCino, “The best is yet to come” and I can’t wait to continue riding this Rocketship!!!!

“It’s time to prioritize a digital strategy to improve our customer journey and harness data.”  nCino made sure to highlight the importance of operating more efficiently and effectively with our industry changing so rapidly.

nSight 2021 provided me with the right amount of insight through; data analysis, market trends, best practices, user experience, lessons learned and remembering to stay nimble. nCino did a fantastic job (given the fact this was a virtual event) and told a story on the journey ahead to thrive in the banking industry through tech partners.

I’ve been in the banking sector for almost 20 years and have seen it evolve and change in many facets. The biggest differentiator between financial institutions and their lenders is the tools they have to offer their clients.

It’s clear nCino is in the business of building out that tool kit to aid banks, credit unions, and other lenders to reach their clients where and how they need to. For nSight 2021, this message was on full display with efforts to improve their spreading tool with better OCR capabilities, creating a pricing tool that meets the needs of a Commercial Bank, and a focus on data through features like CECL Suite.

The continual innovation is exciting to see and I appreciate nCino’s efforts. Looking forward to what the future will bring and seeing what gets added to that tool kit in 2022.

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