Reduce Implementation Cost by 70% with RapidRollout for Salesforce FSC

Financial Services Cloud RapidRollout

Looking to implement Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC) at your financial institution, but don’t have the time, budget, or technical resources for the undertaking? You can now deliver fast transformation—at a low cost—to drive growth, increase operational efficiency, and manage risk. 

Built by industry experts with years of experience, RapidRollout for Financial Services Cloud provides a fast path to FSC. It enables Community Banks and Credit Unions to implement using pre-configured use cases to get value and ROI faster.

FSC RapidRollout Solution

FSC RapidRollout is designed for institutions that want a structured approach to implementation that improves adoption and maximizes ROI. It comes with optional add-ons to extend the solution for additional impact.

  • Relationship Mapping & Life Events: Track customer preferences, life events, business milestones, and map their relationships to other people or businesses.
  • Guided Discovery & Qualification: Capture key information from prospects to qualify and recommend the right products and services.
  • Referrals & Lead Management: Create and receive referrals from across the organization and track leads throughout the process.
  • Campaign Management: Set up campaigns to track the ROI of marketing initiatives including campaign members, pipeline influence, and results.
  • Pipeline Management: Create and track opportunities to sell products and services.
  • Service Processes & Knowledge Management: Utilize case management to manage customer service requests and track key maintenance requests such as issuing a new card. Use knowledge articles to help service agents be more efficient.
  • Complaints & Feedback: Track customer complaints and feedback to improve the customer experience
  • Whitespace Analysis & Reporting: Use reports and dashboards to view customer whitespace, forecast pipeline, and report on user activity.

Use Cases Spanning the Customer Lifecycle

RapidRollout enables Community Banks and Credit Unions to implement FSC fast using pre-configured modules based on the most common sales, service, and marketing use cases.

Zennify can help you go live with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC) fast and reduce implementation cost by 70%.

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