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We are all excited for Salesforce Genie, Salesforce’s newest customer data platform announced at Dreamforce 2022. Salesforce Genie (a.k.a Data Cloud) enables a unified customer profile record that is visible and actionable across Salesforce’s entire suite of products, by collecting and unifying a nearly infinite amount of dynamic data (from on prem and cloud sources) to Customer 360 in real time. 

In this post, we’ll show how you can get ready for Salesforce Genie with Zennify, Salesforce’s highest-level consulting partner.

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Get ready for Salesforce Genie with Zennify’s complimentary Genie Readiness Assessment

New technology is exciting—and we’re here to help you determine what you need to make Salesforce Genie available to your organization. 

All it takes are 3 easy steps with your trusted Zennify team:

Step 1: Genie Use Case Mapping

  • Let’s uncover the most valuable use cases where Genie can make a difference in your business. 
  • What you’ll receive: Three targeted Genie use cases.

Step 2: Data Stack Evaluation

  • Our team will review your data infrastructure, tools, and data governance.
  • Once our evaluation is complete, we will provide either a gap analysis and confirm if you have what you need to take advantage of Genie. 
  • What you’ll receive: Your organization’s Data Stack gap analysis.

Step 3: Salesforce Hyperforce Evaluation

  • We will determine if your org is  on Salesforce Hyperforce already. 
  • If required, we will assess the level of effort needed to enable your organization to be Hyperforce-ready.
  • What you’ll receive: An effort evaluation of Hyperforce migration, if needed.

I’m ready for Salesforce Genie! What happens after the assessment? 

If Salesforce Genie is right for your organization, our advisors can work with you on a project implementation plan. This includes a dedicated project team to deliver a business case, technology assessment, a project readiness plan, and an implementation roadmap. 

Want to open Genie’s bottle? Reach out for your complimentary Genie/Data Cloud Readiness Assessment today!

We’re committed to helping you make the best decisions for your organization and ensuring you have the requisite Salesforce technologies in place to enable the most out of Salesforce. Get in touch with our team of experts for your complimentary Genie Readiness Assessment today!

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