Salesforce Health Recharge: Get More Value from Your Investment

Did you know that the health of your Salesforce org is one of the most accurate indicators of your organization’s ability to meet business objectives? According to the Hubbl Benchmark Report on Salesforce Optimization 2023, 80% of customers have more value they could unlock using the platform.

Zennify’s Salesforce Health Recharge addresses this this. You get a fast multi-pronged tech diagnostic with a clear path to remediation—delivered by a team of real experts that work with you on quick wins. From partnering with hundreds of Salesforce customers, we guarantee that this is the most effective Health Recharge on the market.

Common Signs of an Unhealthy Platform

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

Poor Adoption

  • Lack of value-add functionality
  • Ineffective training & awareness
  • Not aligned to current business process
  • Limited automation & integration

Legacy Features

  • Using old features such as Classic or Process Builder
  • On outdated versions of installed packages
  • Not taking advantage of new releases

Technical Debt

  • Hitting technical platform limitations
  • On retired API versions
  • Cumbersome to maintain & enhance existing code
  • Lengthy deployment & testing times
  • Buggy releases

Security Issues

  • Complex web of permissions that are hard to untangle
  • Not sure who can see what
  • Unrestricted API access

Data Problems

  • Poor data quality & integrity
  • Can’t use demographic / behavioral data as desired
  • Siloed data across business lines
  • Difficulty in creating reports & dashboards
  • Key data not readily available

Introducing the Salesforce Health Recharge

Our proprietary and data-driven approach uses a diagnostic tool to reveal platform issues for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Industry Clouds. It identifies business challenges and provides a clear, prioritized roadmap to optimal performance.

Technical Health

Quantitative Analysis

  • Automated Org Diagnostics
  • Data Hygiene Analysis
  • Quantitative Health Scorecard

Functional Maturity

Qualitative Analysis

  • People & Process Assessment
  • Domain Maturity Assessment
  • Qualitative Health Scorecard

Roadmap to Value

Path to Health

  • Benchmarked Findings against  Salesforce & Industry Best Practices
  • Readout & Remediation Proposal 
  • Roadmap with Quick Wins

Technical Scan Example Outputs

Get started today and we’ll include the Technical Health portion at no cost to you (a $50k value).

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