Salesforce Innovation Post Go-Live: Meet ZennSight

ZennSight: Salesforce Built for the Long Term

Getting Salesforce implemented and live is a massive step towards achieving greater visibility into your customers. But once Salesforce is live, it can quickly fall out of step with evolving business needs, organizational change, and shifting customer expectations. Who has worked for a business where strategic plans don’t change during the year based on unforeseen events or new opportunities, right? We’ve stood up hundreds of companies on Salesforce, but we’ve noticed that those that achieve the greatest ROI are the ones that continue to diligently prioritize ongoing innovation and platform enhancements. And we’ve found that even if these companies have an in-house admin(s) or developer(s), it’s still hard to keep up with Salesforce project backlogs (often with requests from various stakeholders), to offer a birds-eye view of Salesforce innovation, to keep users trained, to take advantage of new Salesforce releases, to have efficientorg governance, and the list goes on.

Post-Salesforce Go-Live: What You Need to Know

Our ZennSight managed service for Salesforce was built for our customers based on the needs of our customers. No matter where you are in your Salesforce journey, our team can provide you with the various skill sets needed for long term success and continued innovation. It offers a monthly retainer that gives companies access to the team and tools required to continue evolving Salesforce. Instead of a limited in-house team, ZennSight provides access to experts across clouds and skillsets, a deep repository of knowledge and best practices, and a strategic project lead that facilitates uninterrupted support. With our retainer model, companies get a monthly set of hours to tap into capabilities like data, development, integration, strategy, and marketing—plus regular innovation sessions to drive ROI. It’s the perfect flexible extension of any company’s team.

We work with customers to identify and prioritize work each month. We pull in technical resources based on skillset to accomplish the work. We also provide weekly status reports and biweekly status review meetings. One of the huge advantages of the offering is the flexibility it affords. Built into the ZennSight model are options for rolling over unused hours, borrowing hours from future months, reducing monthly hours, increasing monthly hours, one-time extra hours, and extra hours for a busy season.

Managed Services can be utilized across existing implementations of the entire Salesforce platform including, but not limited to Financial Services Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, Communities, Tableau, and Mulesoft.

Monthly hours can be used to accomplish a large variety of work including:

  • Standard Administration
  • Advanced Administration
  • Development
  • Integration Support
  • Strategic Planning & Roadmap Development
  • Building Reports & Dashboards
  • Process Builder & Flow
  • Lightning Components
  • Training & Change Management
  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Regulatory Compliance

Going beyond staff augmentation

ZennSight is not staff augmentation. It is a strategic partnership with our customers where we offer a holistic view of their Salesforce org, with a focus on their business goals. Our passionate and dedicated team (with over 300 certifications) is closely aligned to the Salesforce ecosystem and to product and vertical teams at Salesforce. As such, we have a great view of how solutions can be advanced using adjacent technologies, best practices, and Salesforce releases.

If you are looking to maximize the value of your Salesforce investment by leveraging the latest tools and technology and continuously innovating to maintain a dynamic platform – ZennSight is for you!

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