Salesforce Spring ‘23 Release Readiness

Happy New Year! 

Every year, Salesforce provides three significant new releases: spring, summer, and winter. Each release has a number of updates and features that have a variety of effects on organizations using Salesforce.

Salesforce Spring ’23 Release is a large release with many exciting new features to help your business. 

In this release, you will find lots of new features and enhancements related to:

  • Lightning Experience
  • Salesforce Flow
  • Lightning Web Component
  • Apex
  • Experience Cloud
  • Einstein Automate
  • Customer Data Platform
  • Field Service
  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (Pardot)
  • Quip
  • CRM Analytics
  • Salesforce CMS
  • Salesforce Payments
  • Subscription Management
  • Enablement Sites (myTrailhead)
  • APIs

Salesforce Spring ’23 Release Notes: Timeline

While the Salesforce Spring ’23 release mainly depends on your Salesforce instance, the main Salesforce releases are scheduled for the weekends: January 13, 2023 (Limited, Pilot), February 3, 2023, and February 10, 2023.

The sandbox preview window for Spring ’23 begins January 6, 2023, and includes the look and feel of the Spring ‘23 release. You had to have an active sandbox on a preview instance by January 5, 2023 (the day before sandbox preview) to take advantage of the preview. If you decide to keep your current sandbox on the Winter ’23 release, your sandbox won’t be upgraded to Spring ’23 until February 11, 2023.

Salesforce has made it easier to check when you’ll receive all of the new features and enhancements. Simply navigate over to and enter your instance number in the search box. Once you’ve found your instance, select it from the results. Click into the Maintenance tab and you will find the date and time the Spring ‘23 release will arrive to your org.

If you’re unsure what your instance number is, navigate to:

  • For Classic: Click on Setup | Under Administer | Company Profile | Company Information
  • For Lightning: Click on Gear Icon | Setup | Company Settings | Company information

Search for Instance after performing the above steps.

Salesforce Spring ’23 Release Notes: Highlights

Salesforce General Enhancements

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) auto-enablement for direct logins starts in Spring ‘23
Salesforce will start enforcing the multi-factor authentication for direct logins. This action turns on MFA for all users who log in directly with their username and password.  Salesforce is applying the MFA Release Update to all production orgs—even orgs that already satisfy the MFA requirement and those that use single sign-on (SSO) for Salesforce access. (Note: the Release Update doesn’t affect logins that happen via SSO).

Major Release Notification Emails Are Streamlined
Salesforce has reduced the number of emails that you receive. When a major release upgrade is complete for your instance, you will receive an email with a subject line that starts with “Release Is Live.” That email now includes updated language about the timing of feature availability. An example email notification

Set to Limit the Maximum Number of Loaded Lightning Console Tabs in a Session
To improve memory usage and the scalability of console sessions in Lightning Experience, set the maximum number of loaded console tabs. If you exceed the limit during a console session, this feature unloads your least recently used tabs until your tab limit is met. Unloaded tabs are still visible in your tab navigation, but they only reload their content when you click them.

Log In Faster with More Domain Formats with the AutoComplete Function to Populate the Custom Domain Field
To help you log in faster, when you log in with a custom domain on or, the autocomplete function includes these new formats. As always, you can also visit the login URL directly.

Financial Services Cloud

Check out the following links for new enhancements to Financial Services Cloud.

Actionable Relationship Center
Now customize an ARC graph with enhancements to show fields from multiple objects, use OmniScripts and Flexcards, view those ARC error messages for custom metadata changes, view the ARC graphs vertically, and customize fields and action labels.

Interaction Summaries
Bankers can benefit from the latest enhancements to the Interaction Summaries feature. You can now keep interactions data up-to-date, explore all accounts of an interaction in a single page, and use rich text formatting and a larger notes-taking canvas to capture notes more effectively.

Discovery Framework
Give your customers an improved user experience when filling in an assessment form by adopting the new enhancements to the Discovery Framework feature. Easily build and configure forms with the new QR code or Signature Discovery Framework OmniScript elements. You can also create forms with pre-filled data from previous assessments to cut down the time needed to fill in an assessment.

Integration Definitions
Now quickly set up integrations with different external endpoints and leverage the integration definitions across Salesforce Industries.

Retail Banking and Wealth Management
Gain more insightful customer churn predictions by using features based on customers’ responses to surveys and on the sentiment behind the responses.

Retail Banking
Get real-time updates of financial account details and financial account transaction information.

New and Changed Financial Services Cloud Object Fields
Do more with new and updated Financial Services Cloud objects, such as using the new InteractionRelatedAccount junction object.

Upcoming Feature Retirements

Salesforce is committed to providing visibility into the announcements of feature retirements. Review the full list here.

RetirementWho is AffectedEnd Date
JDK (Java Development Kit) Locale Format
By default, before Winter ’20 the Salesforce platform used the locale formats provided by Oracle’s Java Development Kit (JDK). ICU locale formats replace the JDK formats in Spring ’24. To prevent disruption for your users, we recommend adopting the new formats before they’re enforced.
Salesforce Platforms2/1/2023
Legacy Tablet App Experiences
Salesforce will retire two existing tablet app experiences that are generally available in the Salesforce mobile app. Lightning on tablet will become the default tablet app experience for new organizations after Winter ‘22 and for all organizations in Spring ‘23.
Salesforce Mobile App Users2/1/2023
MC Interaction Studio Thunderhead
Salesforce is retiring Thunderhead Interaction Studio because Salesforce acquired Evergage and embedded Interaction Studio functionality in the Salesforce Customer 360 Ecosystem.
Legacy Interaction Studio Platform3/1/2023
Salesforce Mobile App Community License Access
External Community Subscriptions will no longer have access to Salesforce platform functionalities through the Salesforce Mobile App for iOS or Android
External Community Subscription Users6/1/2023
Platform API Version 21.0 thru 30.0
When versions 21.0 through 30.0 are retired, applications consuming these versions of the API will experience disruption as calls will fail and result in an error indicating that the requested endpoint is not found and unable to be processed by the platform.
Users using Legacy API versions6/1/2023
Salesforce Mobile App v228
Users will no longer be able to log in to any Salesforce mobile app version below 230.000 on iOS and Android after the Summer ‘23 release.
Salesforce Mobile App Users6/2/2023
Salesforce for Outlook
Consider migrating to the Outlook integration (formerly called Lightning for Outlook) and Einstein Activity Capture. These products replace Salesforce for Outlook features and deliver solutions in areas where Salesforce for Outlook falls short.
Salesforce for Outlook Users6/1/2024
Google Analytics 360
Salesforce ceased participation in the Google Analytics 360 (GA360) reseller program on March 31, 2022. Google recently announced that the current version of GA360 sunsets effective July 1, 2024.
The new version of GA360, GA4, is available for purchase from Google sales partners.
GA360 Users7/1/2024
MC Social Studio
You will no longer be able to access the Social Studio application, and all associated customer data will be deleted once your contract ends in accordance with Salesforce Trust and Compliance Documentation.
Marketing Cloud Social Studio Users11/18/2024

If you would like additional information, check out the official full list of the Spring ’23 Release notes here!

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