Salesforce Winter ‘24 Release Highlights

Important Dates for Winter ‘24

Salesforce‘s Winter ’24 release helps you future-proof your business with innovations built on AI + Data + CRM. Read on to find out which of these new features are our favorites.

Einstein GPT

Everyone’s been buzzing about GPT – so let’s kick off with the latest Einstein GPT features that will help supercharge your workforce productivity across all Salesforce Clouds. We’re particularly excited about these updates for Sales and Service Clouds:

Sales Cloud: Create Call Summaries Powered by Einstein GPT

Einstein Conversation Insights enables users to create generative call summaries on voice and video calls. Focus on the conversation and get your recorded, editable summaries with next steps and customer feedback after your meetings.

Sales Cloud: Personalize Sales Emails with Einstein GPT for Sales

Expand deals and move quickly with automated, personalized email content – smartly extracted from your sales data.

Service Cloud: Optimize Agent Productivity and Response Quality with Einstein GPT Service Replies (Generally Available)

Real-time AI-generated responses in action – Einstein GPT follows a chat as it unfolds, then drafts and recommends replies for your agents to review, edit and post.

Service Cloud: Close Cases Faster with Einstein GPT Work Summaries (Generally Available)

Save time and increase productivity with AI-generated case summaries. Einstein GPT predicts and fills a summary, issue, and resolution based on a chat between an agent and customer. These summaries are easily reviewed, edited, and saved.

Notable Enhancements to Flow

Custom Error Messages in Record-Triggered Flows

The new Custom Error Message element enables you to customize error messages for your end users – so they will no longer need to wonder what that unhandled error was about!

New HTTP Callout for Data (Generally Available)

Send Salesforce data to an external server in Flow Builder using the POST Method. Users can now integrate data in other ways, like using the PATCH method to update records in an external system.

This feature is excellent for organizations that want to streamline their processes by integrating external systems with Salesforce. By simplifying the integration process, Salesforce is making it easier for organizations to automate their workflows, improve efficiency, and save time and resources. 

Transform Your Data in Flows (Beta)

Now, you can build a flow that fully integrates data outside Salesforce with no code, with the new Transform element in Flow Builder. The Transform element maps the amount, customerId, and status fields from the source data to the fields for the target data. Based on the mappings, the Transform element automatically creates a dotted line to identify the collections that contain the mapped fields, so you can view the identified collections in both resource data structures more easily.

Flow Builder Helps You Get Data Cloud Records More Easily

Data Cloud objects and Salesforce objects are now organized into separate sections in Flow Builder. When you select a Data Cloud object, an object card provides more details.

Data Cloud-Triggered Flow

If you have access to Data Cloud, there is a new triggered Flow type that fires when changes to data within Data Cloud are made. 

Delivering Enhanced Experiences

Einstein Search for Knowledge – Enabled by Default

Help your service agents provide more accurate responses to customers by finding relevant articles faster with the new filtering experience. Einstein Search for Knowledge now supports multi-language search and provides AI-based algorithms to increase search accuracy. Better yet – it is now enabled for everyone by default. 

Transaction Dispute Management for Financial Cloud

Overcome challenges related to complex processes, systems, and regulations with Transaction Dispute Management. Financial institutions can benefit from a streamlined dispute resolution process that is compliant and helps reduce operational costs, while enhancing both the employee and customer experience.

Get More Out Of Data Cloud

(Almost) Real-Time Data Sharing

Users will be able to securely share Data Cloud data with Snowflake using datashares. This is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Create a datashare is created with data lake objects, data model objects, or calculated insights objects
  2. Create a datashare target to set up connectivity with a Snowflake account
  3. Link 1 and 2.

Other New and Changed Features

When Will I Benefit Fully From This Release?

Your Salesforce production instance will be upgraded to the new Winter ‘24 release on either of these dates:

  • Sep 1, 2023
  • Oct 6, 2023
  • Oct 13, 2023

Remember to test all the main uses cases in your org before these dates!

If you would like additional information, check out the official full list of the Winter ’24 Release notes here!

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