Virtual Banking: Get a seamless experience & one view of the customer

Our world is changing and the way we do business has as well. Banking products are being commoditized and more families, including millennials, and businesses are banking online as a preference as well as for safety reasons. Connecting with customers is more important than ever—every interaction is critical to engage, build trust and help educate your customers on their journey to financial wellness.

How Salesforce can help maximize your banking experience—on every channel

Empower your call center or branch staff working from home to provide the personal touch of an in-branch experience:

  • See a full panoramic view of the customer, from checking account balances to online banking activity to digital mortgage application status to a debit card request to their pet’s name, all in one place
  • Quickly “know your customer” and build immediate trust while staying compliant
  • Maximize your customer interactions. Fix any issues quickly and provide value with offers or products that apply specifically to the customer, all at the fingertips of your CSRs, who can discuss and build wallet share
  • Create a referral to a certified loan officer or agent seamlessly with the right information to make it effective
  • Assist with questions from online banking to opening an account and route cases to the right individuals to make sure each task is taken care of, building trust

Enable your certified sales team to focus on selling and building customer relationships to expand your footprint:

  • Record relationship details that matter like a new baby or job change, building valuable personal connections
  • Get visibility into all of your leads and referrals, regardless of channel, and have the ability to score and prioritize leads and act quickly
  • Real time and in depth dashboards and reporting, allowing remote managers visibility into gaps to coach teams and drive revenue

Customer engagement and self service—make it easier on your customers navigating their financial journeys online:

  • No matter what channel your customers want to communicate in from chat, SMS or AI enabled chatbots, ensure your customers receive the information they need in the channel they feel most comfortable—and do it securely
  • Create operational efficiencies and reduce costs and call volume with a website embedded knowledge center with FAQs and instructions for quick resolution
  • Schedule in person or virtual appointments online with your Relationship Banker or Loan Officer (with visibility into their availability to avoid painful back and forths) with appointment email and text reminders

Choose to automate where it makes sense for your organization:

  • According to Forbes, the abandonment rate for online account opening is 19%. Use the Salesforce platform to monitor your customers on their digital journey and automate critical outreach to help them
  • Whether it’s an automated email follow-up offering assistance, or a case routed to the call center to follow-up, Salesforce allows you to map the customer journey and engage at critical points
  • Automate attrition risk follow-ups, generate a lead, a case or an email to engage the right person on your team to follow-up with your customer using your bank’s customized criteria
  • Automate common workflows, sending tasks to back office support for maintenance requests with a click of a button, then providing your support team with clear task queues and case management for quick resolution

Build a marketing strategy to engage customers and drive more activity to your digital branch:

  • Data-driven marketing to drive the right message at the right time to show customers why banking with you is better
  • Mine social media and understand how people are engaging with your brand and what they are saying about you, helping you monitor sentiment and take ownership of your narrative online

Build technical agility with a flexible architecture and secure your platform:

  • Refresh and extend aging systems using APIs and build a future-proof architecture
  • Using API Integration Utility, quickly configure integrations to get your virtual bank up and running quickly with smooth data flow and limited API calls
  • Security to protect your data is imperative for your digital strategy. Salesforce gives you a foundation of trust, compliance and governance. From encryption to audit trails, you can rest easy knowing your customers’ data is secure.

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