Zenn for Good Partners with Fontaine Foundation

Zenn for Good is an internal initiative at Zennify that empowers our employees to give back to their communities—both personally and professionally. Our volunteer program forges partnerships with local nonprofits to provide a range of services. Our goal is to create long-lasting relationships with the organizations that make our communities a better place. Zenn for Good recently partnered with the Fontaine Foundation to assist them in optimizing their Salesforce ecosystem.

The Fontaine Foundation is committed to providing diapers and diapering supplies to partner organizations as well as directly to those in need within Butte County in Northern California. New to the Salesforce ecosystem, Fontaine Foundation required a solution that would simplify their application handling and family tracking, as well as allow for visibility into critical data for distribution and grant writing. Faced with hundreds of applications per month, they desired a scalable solution that would negate the need for spreadsheets and tedious manual data entry.

Common Non-Profit organization obstacles

Previously, Fontaine Foundation relied heavily on Google Sheets and Survey Monkey to handle their monthly Diaper Distribution which required hours of grueling data entry/manipulation. Fontaine’s ability to track the families they served was limited by:

  • Not being able to track the families they worked with
  • Survey Monkey was cost-prohibitive
  • No other systems were suitable for direct service diaper banks

Fontaine Foundation needed to optimize their current processes to efficiently and effectively help those in need as well as provide themselves with an opportunity for growth.

  • Critical data for grant writing was not easily accessible
  • Easily compiling data for monthly distribution was a major challenge
  • It was very difficult to onboard volunteers and assign responsibilities
  • Volunteer retention challenges due to inefficient application processing (demand for tech-savvy volunteers)

Partnering for success

Zennify determined that the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, coupled with Salesforce Service Cloud was the best fit for Fontaine Foundation’s needs. Starting with the application process, Zennify built a Web to Case form which allowed the application to reside directly on their website, maintaining the look and feel for Fontaine Foundation’s client experience.  Once the application was complete and submitted, relevant client demographic and distribution-specific data mapped to their appropriate locations within Salesforce, making it Fontaine Foundation’s “one-stop-shop” solution for managing their monthly applications and Diaper Distributions.

Fontaine Foundation will now have continuity and history for their applicants. An applicant is stored as a Contact within Salesforce, and their monthly applications, which come in as Cases, will be related to that specific Contact. If a new application were to come in tomorrow, then Salesforce will create a New Case and Contact for that application. If that new applicant submitted an application every month for the rest of the year, then that now existing Contact would have twelve Cases related to them. This insight was something they were not able to fathom when relying on Google Sheets and Survey Monkey.

The solution implemented by the Zennify Team is addressing Fontaine Foundation’s needs with best practices in mind. This solution needed to be 100% maintainable and user-friendly, with minimum effort. Nobody in Fontaine Foundation can commit 100% of their time to the nonprofit, so we had to ensure this was something they would feel comfortable using on day one.


  1. Decrease in hours spent processing applications by 75%
    • 30% decrease in application abandonment (where application was filled out but no pick up)
    • 20% increase in applications received due to not having to restrict the timeframe accepted.
  2. Optimization of:
    • Family management
    • Eliminated manual entry of client and household information from SurveyMonkey to Google Sheets
  3. Application management
    • Eliminated manual entry of client and household information and needs gathered through
    • Fundraising event management
  4. Distribution event management

Helping build for the future

Fontaine Foundation needed a solution that would optimize their Diaper Application, Distribution, and Data Management processes. The Nonprofit Success Pack, Salesforce Service Cloud, Case Management, and Web to Case have been configured as a part of the solution. This solution also needed to keep future growth in mind, so that the Fontaine Foundation is capable of growing. We are confident that the Fontaine Foundation is primed for future growth, as there will be no shortage of goals, and their goals align well with other Salesforce functionality.

In partnership with Fontaine Foundation, Zennify has successfully implemented a solution that fully addresses the nonprofit’s critical needs, and sets them up with a platform that will support their future growth.

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