Announcing Zennify’s Data Cloud Solutions.

What is Salesforce Data Cloud?

Salesforce Data Cloud enables organizations to capture, unify, and manage their customer data between the different “clouds” across the Salesforce platform – providing a more thorough understanding of their customers. A solution like this can be potentially expensive – but Salesforce has lowered this barrier to entry by announcing free Data Cloud licenses for all customers on Sales and Service Cloud, Enterprise or Unlimited licenses for up to 10,000 profiles. Read on to find out how you can get the most out of this exciting update.

Announcing Zennify’s Data Cloud Solutions

Your success is at the core of everything we do here at Zennify. We want to help accelerate your organizational growth by connecting data, applications, people, and processes. Zennify’s Data Cloud Solutions consist of three packages that will help you maximize this opportunity from Salesforce and enable you to develop a robust data strategy:

  1. Strategic Assessment Package
    • What it is: The Zennify team will identify use cases and understand your organization’s current state and readiness.
    • What to expect: Your institution will receive recommendations for the next steps and relevant deliverables that will prepare you for the proof of concept phase.
    • Timeline: Up to 3 weeks
  2. Proof of Concept Package
    • What it is: Zennify will set up a proof of concept to put your free licenses into action. This proof of concept will help you demonstrate business value and make full use of your free Salesforce Data Cloud licenses. This includes connecting data sources, unifying source profiles, and creating one calculated insight.
    • Timeline: Up to 8 weeks
  3. Zennify Data Cloud RapidRollout Package
    • Like all of our RapidRollout packages, this is designed to get your institution up and running immediately. With our RapidRollout, Zennify will help you:
      • Use Data Cloud for a production use case
      • Establish foundation architecture
      • Unify and activate your data
    • Timeline: Up to 10 weeks

The Zennify Difference

At Zennify, we take the journey with you. We meet you where you are – to mitigate risk, unlock value and measure success. Beyond being data experts, we understand that your organization is unique. We advise on the best approach based on the capabilities you require, whether they be data warehousing, data engineering, data streaming & integration, governance, AI, and analytics. Catch up and lead with data, with Zennify’s Data Solutions approach.

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