CNB Bank


Salesforce Financial Service Cloud (FSC) implementation and Salesforce CRM Analytics data integration and architecture optimization.

About CNB Bank

CNB Financial Corporation is a leader in providing integrated financial solutions, including deposit accounts, private banking, commercial, and credit cards. 27 offices operate as CNB Bank throughout northwestern PA. CNB has four regional divisions, including ERIEBANK, and one subsidiary.


To improve service, communications, upselling, and cross-selling, CNB wanted more transparency and reporting on demand to gain deeper insight into their customer relationships. Their manual processes were slow and cumbersome and they had little to no demographic data about their customers. Reporting was only pulled once a month, so whatever data they had wasn’t fresh. Their top priority was creating a clear view of households to help them identify meaningful relationship dimensions between customer accounts in a single household (spouses, children, business, personal, etc.).

The Zennify Solution

Technologies Implemented

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, Salesforce CRM Analytics

Systems Integrated

Snowflake, Acxiom

Systems Replaced



Zennify migrated current efforts for householding into Salesforce Financial Service Cloud (FSC) and developed automation in FSC to group individuals into households based on name and address. Our team then optimized the use of FSC and enhanced CNB’s householding data and relationship mapping.

After optimizing CNB’s data integration and architecture, Zennify streamlined reporting by creating Salesforce reports and Salesforce CRM Analytics dashboards with real-time data that can be pulled quickly and on-demand. To take full advantage of CNB’s improved household management structure and provide demographic data for all customer accounts, Zennify merged Acxiom demographic data with Salesforce data and migrated everything to a single dashboard. The team also integrated Snowflake to bring enriched data into FSC and developed robust reports with deep drill-down capabilities in both Salesforce and CRMA.


Data Trust

CNB has a clearer, more accurate view of customer households and their account relationship mapping, improving employees’ confidence in the data and enhancing customer engagement.

Efficiency Gains

With their new FSC features (like roll-ups and aggregate totals on page layouts), CNB Bank is saving time on data collection and reporting.

360 View

CNB now has a deep, 360-degree view of their customers as individuals and households, helping them engage with the right information at the right time to build and expand personalized relationships.

Straight from our customers.