Crush the Curve


Sales, Health, and Community Cloud implementation to coordinate and execute COVID tests, vaccinations, and alerts.

About Crush the Curve

Crush the Curve Idaho (CTCI) is an organization that was formed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their mission is to get Idaho back to work through statewide testing of the public and by partnering with businesses to mass-test their employees.


Crush the Curve Idaho (CTCI) needed a technology-led solution to enable the testing of as many people as possible, as seamlessly as possible, to help slow the spread of COVID-19. The testing process is quite involved and requires the orchestration of numerous parties, including:

  • Individuals who want to be tested
  • Companies who want to test employees
  • Providers who run the testing sites
  • Labs that process the tests
  • Insurance carriers

It also requires a number of steps, like checking symptoms to see if testing is needed, recommending test sites and determining eligibility, enabling easy check-in at testing sites, securely emailing results, and more.

CTCI aspired to have an efficient process, using Salesforce as the bedrock of the operation, so they partnered with Medical Network Solutions to invest in the development of this platform.

Salesforce Clouds Implemented

Community Cloud

Marketing Cloud

Service Cloud


Zennify executives and strategy team worked closely with Medical Network Solutions and CTCI to deeply understand their goals and helped to architect a Salesforce-led solution that would meet their needs. It was important to build something flexible enough to adapt to the constantly changing needs of a global pandemic.

Zennify designed and implemented a Symptom Checker Web Assessment Tool using Salesforce Community Cloud to guide individuals through the process to get tested. This multi-step form routes users to appropriate information and is connected to Salesforce Marketing Cloud to deploy email autoresponders to facilitate the testing process.

Automated notifications configured in the system are vital for reducing the spread of COVID-19. When a positive COVID-19 test result is entered into Salesforce, triggered alerts go to the individual, CTCI, and the individual’s employer (if an individual is being tested through their employer) using Salesforce Marketing Cloud. These real-time alerts can be used to monitor exposures and take measures to contain the spread of the virus.

The process for managing numerous testing partners requires a central system of record. Testing Partners who collect patient samples can retrieve and update symptoms and billing information, as well as mark tests as samples collected (ready for lab processing) all within Salesforce.

When samples are handed off to lab partners, the labs can update results in Salesforce, enabling closed-loop reporting on test results.

CTCI partners with large organizations to conduct “Rapid Response” testing on site. Zennify designed the system to allow these organizations to create and manage their own testing events and records using the Salesforce Communities User Interface. Within their logged in view, organizations can mass upload lists of individuals to be tested, view test results, schedule additional testing, and monitor the health of their organization based on their employees’ responses to the symptom checker.

The multi-part solution that Zennify built for CTCI has been incredibly successful and is a model for other states that are also trying to find technology-led solutions to support COVID testing and containment.


Lives have been saved

Thousands of people have been quickly COVID tested, with fast email results turnaround, helping to keep the COVID spread down and saving lives

Website Sessions

Over 1 million website sessions as of August 2020

Increased Efficiency

Fewer personnel are required at testing sites due to an efficient technology-led check-in, saving in-demand healthcare workers for the frontlines

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