Prominent Digital Bank Launches New Brand & Business Account Opening Solution, Fast


Prominent digital bank launches new brand & business account opening solution, fast.


One of the nation’s premier financial services companies was looking to launch a new digital bank within a bank to service the small business market. This “start up” brand was a complete departure from their core business. They needed a partner to strategically guide and implement fast solutions. Enlisting a partner that knew how to design and build scalably for growth (and that could be used by the main brand) was essential. 

The Zennify Solution

Salesforce Products

Financial Services Cloud

4 Week

FSC Implementation

Seamless Connection

Data Flows Entirely in Salesforce


Using our extensive experience and understanding of commercial banking, Zennify advised on an MVP approach and recommended using the client’s existing Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC) investment as the backbone of the new digital bank. 

We built an MVP FSC instance to drive the proof of concept efforts in under four weeks.

We then leveraged our Salesforce Modern Account Opening Accelerator, built using Salesforce’s OmniStudio, to create a sleek online application experience for prospects and customers.

This included:

  • Accepting an application
  • On-brand UI/UX that’s optimized for easy use
  • A flexible platform that’s easy to maintain internally
Our solution also included merchant services for equipment ordering, with everything living in Salesforce!


Faster Account Opening

With all process data living inside of Salesforce, the company has a significant decrease in client onboarding time.

Quick Time-to-Market

They were able to get their new brand live and utilized quickly.

Reduced Maintenance

Portable solution reduced in-house maintenance time and cost significantly.

"Zennify had to adapt and be flexible to scope since we are using capabilities of Salesforce that are more leading edge. Zennify remained on top of things to help us make the best decisions possible during the engagement."