From 5 Systems for Loan Origination to 1 with nCino

Agriculture Banking

From 5 Systems for Loan Origination to 1 with nCino.


Earlier this year, Zennify delivered an nCino build that required numerous integrations. A member-owned Farm Credit cooperative with 73,600 member-owners came to Zennify with their CEO’s mandate: Overhaul the current lending process to make it a modernized experience for customers and employees. They were using a 10-year-old highly customized Salesforce Classic org, a homegrown Loan Origination (LOS), and many other disparate systems, hindering internal progress and causing code conflicts within their seven agile teams.

The Zennify Solution

Technologies Optimized

nCino, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, Salesforce Lightning

Zennify Services

Strategy, Implementation, Managed Services

Functionality Added

Modernized Processes


Zennify created a strong architectural plan to simplify the environment and automate functionality that the Farm Credit needed to succeed. We implemented nCino, Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, and Lightning, rolled out in a cadence of releases to optimize adoption.

We replaced their custom-built LOS and configured a complete loan workflow for four LOBs, with scalability. We also tackled the custom nCino build, with automation and integrations, and thinking outside of the box to satisfy the Farm Credit’s specific business needs. Within our build we included a fully automated doc prep solution for nCino using ActiveDocs. We also established nCino as a system of record for collateral.


Operational Efficiency

The Farm Credit Cooperative now has a CRM and Loan Origination platform that supports organizational processes. Zennify simplified many aspects of the user experience, providing a better and more intuitive interface that will increase adoption and encourage consistent usage.

Customer Trust

Using the Salesforce and nCino interfaces, Zennify consolidated a loan process that previously required five systems to complete the task. Additionally, collateral is now viewable and trackable in one place, reducing the risk of multiple manual steps.

Insights for Engagement

We enabled the ability to automatically decision all loans and built the ability to book loans through the system automatically. This can now be connected to their online application enabling automation for an end-to-end loan application process.

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