A Federal Reserve Member Bank

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A Federal Reserve member bank came to us needing to operationalize manual aspects of their customer journey, starting with client support. Before working with Zennify, all client engagement and support cases were managed via email. This created unnecessary silos and turned client data into a black box, hampering the organization’s efficiency and productivity. They also needed a system to handle after-hours support to ensure they could meet client needs at any time and prevent costly delays.

The Zennify Solution

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Zennify implemented Salesforce Service Cloud to improve the bank’s case management. While clients still have direct relationships with their account managers, support requests are now handled through a more robust omnichannel strategy. Incoming support requests trigger an automated case workflow that’s routed and assigned to the best available team member. All activity is automatically logged in Salesforce, supporting ongoing transparency and building complete customer records. This data empowers all the employees to engage quickly and efficiently with client needs and enables seamless transitions across teams or departments.

Zennify also created a critical incident response framework to handle client issues after business hours. Using Salesforce Case Management, Zennify created an on-call schedule to route notifications to the on-call agent. Escalation rules also notify backup support and the on-call manager if the issue hasn’t been resolved in the defined time frame. This ensures all client issues are dealt with promptly, saving time, money, and preventing fraud.


Operational Efficiency

The bank's scalable Customer Critical Incident process and automated omnichannel case management has improved productivity, efficiency, and satisfaction across the board. Account managers and customers are feeling the benefits of these new streamlined, silo-free systems and processes.

Customer Trust

Customers feel secure knowing that the bank will act quickly to lock down their accounts to prevent fraud, regardless of when or where it occurs.

Insights for Engagement

The bank now has data within Salesforce to report on critical incidents, security measures, and day-to-day client support. This new level of insight is helping them grow and improve their business in the areas that truly matter to their clients.

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