First Interstate Bank


Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation strategy, training, and enablement for creating focused campaigns based on real-time data.

About First Interstate Bank

First Interstate Bank is a community bank headquartered in Billings, Montana. With more than 320 offices across 14 states, they’re dedicated to answering the needs of residents and businesses with practical financial solutions, while supporting communities through business development and philanthropy.


First Interstate Bank’s clients vary widely in their life stage, priorities, and needs. They wanted a better way to understand, track, and engage these diverse segments to bring in new business and expand existing relationships. While First Interstate Bank was on Salesforce Marketing Cloud, they were missing a proper implementation strategy, training, and enablement to use it to its full potential. We were brought in to save the day, to ultimately help First Interstate Bank onboard new clients, cross-sell and upsell.

The Zennify Solution

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Marketing Cloud

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360 View

Systems Integrated

Salesforce CRM


Zennify transformed Salesforce Marketing Cloud into an essential part of First Interstate Bank’s marketing strategy and execution. We corrected the account setup, trained the First Interstate Bank marketing team on essential features and functions, and helped them identify gaps in their customer profile to change their definition of the customer journey and use it effectively.

Working backward from First Interstate Bank’s top goals (acquisition and expansion), Zennify discovered the root problem affecting their ability to build effective customer journeys: inaccurate and incomplete data. Zennify built requirements for the data and then worked with their IT, service, sales, and marketing teams to get the data into Marketing Cloud. Not only did this break down silos and improve internal communication, but the marketing team got more comfortable working with the data and how it was structured. This empowered them to identify, articulate, and push for changes going forward.

From this foundation, Zennify helped First Interstate Bank redefine their customer journeys and create focused campaigns based on real-time data. They have developed true campaign strategies using segmentation and data automation in Marketing Cloud, enabling them to reach the right customers at the right time.


Data-Driven Marketing

Cleaner data now feeds into a 360-degree customer view in Marketing Cloud to power targeted campaigns and deliver new insight.

Time & Money Saved

First Interstate Bank’s new marketing automation ensures no opportunities for connection slip through the cracks while freeing up more time for strategic planning and execution.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

No more “batch and blast.” First Interstate Bank now has five targeted journeys that better serve customers at significant stages in their relationship with them.

Straight from our customers.