Financial Services

Service Cloud and Communities implementation, custom interface and workflows plus chatbots for self-service and case routing.

About Kasasa

Kasasa® is an award-winning financial technology and marketing provider for community banks and credit unions. Kasasa has helped more than 900 community financial institutions establish long-lasting relationships with consumers through branded retail products, world-class marketing capabilities, and expert consulting.


Kasasa needed to establish a consistent experience for every client contact across their partner financial institutions. Without a centralized platform, engaging with Kasasa felt disjointed for their clients, leading to longer resolution times that negatively impacted the user experience.

Ultimately, they yearned for a support solution that would simplify interactions with Kasasa, improve visibility of project status, and solve for internal routing inefficiencies—all built on a platform with the ability to scale.

Clouds Implemented

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Communities

Einstein Agent Chatbot


In just three months, Zennify created a personalized Kasasa customer experience for all touchpoints, including:

  • Case Wizard: Kasasa clients can now submit and track their cases thanks to Experience Cloud self-support with knowledge.
  • Kasey the Kasasa Bot: Using Experience Cloud paired with Einstein Chatbot (including Natural Language Processing), Zennify created Kasey the Kasasa Bot for immediate customer resolution. The chatbot identifies the issue a client is facing and routes it to the appropriate support agent. If an agent is unavailable, clients can create a case using Kasasa’s Case Wizard right in the chat window.
  • Skills-Based Routing: Using this feature, all cases and chats land with the right support agent to ensure client issues are resolved as quickly as possible.
  • Knowledgebase: Kasasa’s interactive and intuitive knowledgebase uses Experience Cloud paired with Einstein Chatbot—which Zennify trained for AI functionality and skills-based routing—for a more streamlined, transparent, and efficient user experience.

The custom branded Kasasa Service Center provides Kasasa the cohesive experience they were seeking, while also improving employee productivity and engagement.


Self-Service Solution

Kasasa Support now has a multi-channel self-service solution for their customers to submit, track, and resolve cases.

AI-Power Support

Zennify enabled immediate support and resolution via live chat and chatbot functionality.

Community Features

Zennify deployed a self-service community, enabling support requests and case status monitoring.

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