Magellan Financial


Salesforce Financial Services Cloud implementation to provide a flexible and scalable platform for people and systems administration.

About Magellan Financial

Founded in 2002, Magellan Financial is an independent field marketing organization (FMO) dedicated to helping independent financial professionals elevate their practice. They provide agents and advisors with the tools, resources, and support they need to grow and excel in the industry. As an FMO, they’re interconnected with the carriers, distributors, and companies that matter most in helping clients succeed.


Magellan’s process for managing and supporting their agents was labor intensive and inconsistent, with marketing, sales, and customer relationship management systems that were siloed and outdated.

Their legacy CRM system, AgencyHQ, wasn’t scalable and had a complex and difficult reporting system that slowed down their ability to glean useful customer and operational insights that were vital to grow their business. Both their commission and marketing automation systems weren’t integrated with AgencyHQ and required manual (and sometimes redundant) data entry and management efforts.

The Zennify Solution

Clouds Implemented

Financial Services Cloud

Systems Replaced

AgencyHQ and Filemaker-based Custom Commissions App

Systems Integrated

Cvent Event Management and Instapage Website Forms


Zennify modernized and connected Magellan’s key systems to build a scalable, flexible platform capable of supporting Magellan’s growth and future innovation.

Zennify’s first priority was improving Magellan’s management system for leads, carriers, agents, contracts, and insurance policies. We implemented Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC) to provide a flexible and scalable platform for people and systems administration. In FSC, we designed enhanced reports and dashboards to provide a comprehensive view of agents, policies, and commissions. We also automated the processes for carrier commission payments and insurance policy updates with custom objects and flows, saving employees significant time and effort.

Magellan also needed better marketing support to drive new leads and build stronger customer relationships. Zennify integrated Salesforce with Instapage and Cvent to improve Magellan’s marketing automation and support their event planning. These integrations automated manual processes and broke down informational and operational silos, improving team productivity and collaboration.


Silo No More

Data and systems are integrated to share information, deliver targeted insights, and enhance collaboration.

Reliable Automation

Magellan’s new systems automation has transformed manual data entry and processes into hands-off workflows that free up employees’ time and enhance partner and customer engagement.


The new platform supports Magellan’s growth and future Salesforce enhancements including an agent portal, carrier integration, and additional marketing automation.

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