Platinum Bank


nCino Managed Services engagement to increase operational efficiency, productivity, and employee engagement.

About Platinum Bank

Platinum Bank’s core focus is business banking, catering to growth-oriented businesses with annual revenues of $2–50 million. The bank offers products and services to meet the needs of growing organizations across the Greater Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin.


Platinum Bank successfully implemented nCino and wanted to enhance their capabilities and performance on the platform. The company was looking for platform support and expertise to optimize their system and solve outstanding issues like core updates to loan officer assignments, UI improvements, consumer loan workflows, and credit actions and presentations.

While Platinum Bank has teams of financial experts, they needed hands-on technical expertise to manage their nCino platform and perform ongoing configuration to meet their evolving employee and customer needs.

The Zennify Solution

Technologies Optimized


Zennify Services

Strategy, Managed Services

Solutions Implemented

Commercial and Consumer Loan Workflows


The Zennify nCino Managed Services team collaborated with Platinum Bank to improve the performance of their nCino instance to increase their operational efficiency, productivity, and employee engagement. Zennify streamlined the bank’s existing commercial loan workflows through the following:

  • Automating loan team functionality
  • User interface updates
  • Modernizing deprecated credit actions to leverage the latest credit action functionality, including the ability to generate credit reviews and perform short-term credit extensions
  • Upgrading embedded approval authorities in nCino to ensure compliance with Platinum’s existing loan approval authority policy
  • Overhauling nCino’s exposure calculations to align with how Platinum Bank calculates exposure to allow credit teams to accurately and efficiently calculate exposure across products and relationship structures

In addition to the commercial loan workflows, Zennify established new consumer loan workflows in nCino, bringing the entire consumer loan origination process into nCino and creating visibility across the portfolio. Outside of workflows, Zennify updated critical supporting documentation, including revisions to the commercial credit memo and brand-new SBA and consumer credit memos. Zennify continues to partner with Platinum Bank as the ecosystem’s first nCino Managed Services provider.



Platinum Bank’s commercial and consumer loan workflows and processes are faster, cleaner, and standardized for all lines of business, improving performance and efficiency.

User Experience

Users now have a more intuitive platform interface that makes their jobs easier, from compiling reports and processing applications to accessing client profiles and information.

Risk Management

Calculating exposure to manage risks is now accessible through Platinum Bank’s nCino platform, improving alignment and consistency for every loan officer and branch.

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