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MuleSoft integration of FiServ DNA, set up for future scale and Marketing Cloud optimization to streamline sales, marketing, & service collaboration.

About Travis Credit Union

Travis Credit Union (TCU) is a trusted community banking institution that works every day to make a difference in the lives of the people they serve. TCU advocates for the financial education and well-being of their members, assists the underserved, invests in their communities and inspires the passionate commitment of their employees.


Prior to working with Zennify, TCU’s contact center, financial, and marketing teams had a hard time accessing real-time data and key member information in Salesforce. Their lack of data access, coupled with difficulty integrating Salesforce with other key systems and inefficient manual processes, put a big strain on their customer and employee experience.

TCU’s data within Salesforce was a day behind, at best, making it difficult for users to confirm real-time data with their members. This created longer wait times for members as TCU employees hurriedly searched for the most current information.

While assisting members over the phone or in the branch, employees also couldn’t access key member information such as basic profile details, member products, financial transactions, and member IDs.

Recognizing the inefficiencies at hand, TCU looked to Zennify to help them upgrade to Salesforce Financial Services Cloud in an effort to move their customer experience forward.

Because of TCU’s dedication and commitment to their members, they wanted a seamless transition for their client-facing employees so that it wouldn’t interfere with their ability to provide a high level of service. Therefore, this implementation required as little change or disruption to the user experience as possible.

The Zennify Solution

Clouds Implemented

Financial Services Cloud, Marketing Cloud Optimization

Systems Integrated

FiServ DNA via MuleSoft, DNA (Core Banking System), MongoDB (Householding Database)

Third-Party Applications

LivePerson Connector, Cisco CTI Connector

Systems Replaced

Dell Boomi


As a first step, Zennify implemented MuleSoft to enable real-time data integration from FISERV DNA to Salesforce. This included a solution that allows TCU to manage and configure the integration without needing any code.

Zennify created a single 360° member view with visual components that displayed key data and provided access to all necessary information. The team used native journey builder features in Marketing Cloud to tightly integrate marketing activities with Sales Cloud, which allowed smooth handoffs between the marketing team and other employees interacting with members.

Zennify then implemented Financial Services Cloud (FSC) to bring critical member data into Salesforce. Because TCU was especially interested in supporting the member experience, Zennify made sure to have Household data top-of-mind when implementing Life Events, Financial Goals, and Action Plans. Zennify also updated the data model to support the FSC structure and ensure a sustainable data model moving forward.

TCU was able to prepare their users for go-live with very little training due to Zennify’s ability to maintain user experience parity with their previous processes.


Integrations Simplified

Implementation of Mulesoft decreased long-term integration development effort

Streamlined Data Access

Enhanced UI increased ability to cross-sell with access to real-time member data

Transformed Member Onboarding

Utilized FSC Action Plans and now critical member information is easily accessible

Increased Sales Conversion

Optimization of Marketing Cloud improved member experience, touchpoints, and system administration

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