The How & Why: Change mindsets, connect silos, center around your customer


As businesses and cultures worldwide rapidly transition into a digital-first marketplace, technology flexibility and efficient processes have become mandatory for the seamless online customer experiences needed to thrive. With customers’ experience at the heart and soul of any organization, more companies are accelerating their shift to digital business by simultaneously reducing costs and improving online experiences for both their customers and employees.

We’ve seen firsthand the benefits of giving banks full insight into the customer experience. It accelerates operational efficiency, increases customer loyalty, and creates a more convenient customer experience. Salesforce CRM allows them to build customer-centric relationships by enabling them to connect and interact with customers in a way that caters to their individual needs, allowing for improved experiences and business growth. Salesforce helps companies stay connected to their customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability. At the end of the day, customers and members want to be known. They need customized advice before they ask for it that gives them confidence in their financial lives, knowing they are being taken care of by their financial institution.

But why does this matter? Because collected data can be utilized for specific strategies within each individual cloud. For example, if part of an organization needs customer information for a specific purpose within marketing, sales, or service, the ultimate goal becomes successful because everyone on those teams has access to the most accurate, up-to-date data.

One Example We Know Well: First United Bank

First United

The leaders at First United Bank saw how disjointed and fragmented their internal systems and operations had become, which prevented them from providing the compelling customer and employee experience they were hoping for. By using Zennify to guide the way in connecting their silos, integrating their data, and setting up scalable processes, they were able to effectively build an accurate and comprehensive view of their customers in real-time. Now they have a 5 year digital roadmap to address areas of employee and customer friction which Zennify is supporting as their trusted advisor and do-er.

Accelerating the Shift to Digital Business

B2B customers have come to expect the quality of their business experiences to mirror their day-to-day consumer experiences. Customer growth wouldn’t be possible without having the right technology that allows personalization and business agility across all aspects of business, both internally and externally.  Now that First United Bank is more skilled at getting ahead of customer needs, they have a reputation for being easy to work with. Therefore, they’re more likely to get more business and grow their customer base.

Establishing deep relationships with customers is especially difficult in the financial industry, where customers tend to have high expectations for their banking. Our Transformation Guidebook, written with Salesforce Co-CEO Bret Taylor, gives actionable tips on how to move ahead, no matter where you are in your digital journey.


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