Optimizing Client Onboarding for Financial Services: On-Demand Webcast

The typical banking and credit union onboarding process uses multiple systems and can be disjointed and inefficient. Using the right technologies, in the right way, can allow client actions to be tracked and managed, resulting in an experience that builds trust and loyalty.

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Recently we talked with SalesforceFirst United Bank, and Zennify Financial Experts on why institutions should prioritize onboarding, and more importantly, what they can do now to build a digital, scalable solution. Watch our on-demand webcast to:

Hear directly from First United Bank SVP of Digital Transformation, Jon Beller, about:

  • How they have approached their 5 year digital transformation program, including what technologies & processes they use
  • Meet known and unknown customer needs (an explicit goal of First United Bank)
  • Integrate data and plan architecture to know customers & provide a consistent experience across lines of business to increase CLV

Learn from Salesforce Banking Industry Leader Greg Blausey, how:

  • The Salesforce platform and ecosystem address common onboarding pain points
  • To identify customer attributes/behaviors for nurture to create connected customer onboarding

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