Dreamforce to You: HarvestFest Recap

Recently, Zennify, Salesforce, and DocuSign gathered with Ag Finance leaders from 28 institutions for HarvestFest 2020, a Dreamforce to You event. Ag Finance, like most industries, is going through a big shift. For decades, Ag Finance has relied on interpersonal relationships for loan and insurance decisions. But as factors like climate change, shifting consumer preferences, and sustainability gain more focus, the Ag Finance industry has been forced to change, and digital strategy has been a cornerstone for growth.

During our inaugural HarvestFest, we:

  • Heard from a small, beginning, and young farmer about his experience as a customer of Farm Credit, including areas of the customer experience that could be improved.
  • Learned how Russ Wagner, EVP CIO of Farm Credit Services of America and David Sandvig, SVP CRO of Dacotah Bank, are tackling digital transformation, including specifics on technology products used and how they prioritize initiatives.
  • Saw a very targeted “Art of the Possible” demo from Salesforce showing how data can be used effectively by finance leaders.
  • Experienced how DocuSign is a huge productivity and sales accelerator for Farm Credits & Ag Lenders.
  • Got to hear live music from Zennify’s own Nate Redmond and enjoyed a craft beer tasting with Sockeye Brewing!

See The Event Highlights

> Download Full Session Recordings Here 

HarvestFest was so great we plan to do it again next year. Let us know if you would like to join, and if there are any topics you’d like to go deeper on.

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